• January 14, 2020

Understand the More information. Estimate your answer before you compute it. If 6 people did not have 5 pencils, how many students are in Mr. She watched her friend Juan jump from the cliff to a depth of 12 feet into the water. Students demonstrate precision by using correct terminology and symbols when working with integers. Students begin by reviewing from previous grades that there are two ways to think concretely about subtraction:

Unit 1 Operations with Rational Numbers a b. Then write the related division equation. Algebra 1 Correlated to: How can you use a number line to know if the difference is represented with a positive or negative integer? Find the indicated sum or difference. One of the test review scores will be dropped.

You drive from Middlesink to Salt Lake inteyers the temperature is 30 degrees. Finally, she subtracted the rounded values. How far must he walk to get from Mr. Background Information and Research By fifth grade, students should understand that division can mean equal sharing or partitioning of equal groups or arrays.

Write a context for the following the addition expression: How much will Janice have to pay?

Chapter 2 – Student Workbook

How could you use related multiplication problems to find each quotient? You go into a business partnership with three other friends. Use that logic to answer the following questions: He runs forward 15 yards before he is tackled.


How long is the arrow that represents 3? By how many strokes did Eva beat Taylor? Use a model to find the sum for each problem 4 Circle the operation you are going to perform.

She shot 4 under par and Taylor shot 2 under par. More Algebra Tile Exploration Notes: Bar Models with Fractions and Decimals. Construct homewokr arguments and critique the reasoning mmultiply others.

A Homework: Additive Inverse in Context and Chip/Tile Model*

There will be 5 Test Reviews, one for each of the 4 tests and the final. Positive and Negative Integers Positive integers are all the whole numbers greater than zero: The home team scored a goal, which was answered with a goal from the visiting team.

EE properties of Use properties of operations? In general, how do you locate a positive or negative number on a number line? We start by locating integers on the line and note that when comparing two integers, there is a directional or signed distance between them, e.

2.2a homework multiply integers

Unit 1 Operations with Rational Numbers a b More information. We start by locating integers on the line and note that when comparing two integers, there is a directional or signed distance between them, e. Model to solidify understanding. Next, students move to subtraction.


2.1A Homework: Additive Inverse in Context and Chip/Tile Model*

Students use precision in calculation by checking the reasonableness of their answers. What is the probability that you would roll an even number or flip heads?

Students should notice that joining positive and negative numbers results in one or more zero pairs and that homewkrk left over is the final sum. Students start by working with opposites additive inverses to notice that pairs of positives and negatives result in zero pairs.

2.2a homework multiply integers

Francis got a score of 80 on the test. Most of the time when I use a model to subtract integers I get the right answer.

Chapter 2 – Student Workbook

George gained ten pounds, but then he went on a diet and lost inteyers pounds. Students will be able to understand and work with integer and rational- number arithmetic, and perform the same operations on expressions containing symbols as well as numbers.

Explain how you identified the operation and then simplify each.