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Conceptual analysis The report will i present relevant ideas from the literature in the area and will attempt to analyse these ideas in relation to the dissertation topic, or ii will reflect a very good understanding of the scientific meaning of the data and their relevance in the context of other data drawn from the literature. You will need to make comparisons between your work and published work, assessing similarities and differences between your results and the published results. Some circumstances are clearly beyond the control of students, but some are not. We encourage students to contact either their personal tutor, or any member of IFE staff, if there are issues affecting their attendance, so that we can provide appropriate support. The 3 rd assessor will have the opportunity to discuss the dissertation with the first two assessors and the decision of the 3rd assessor, with documented justification, shall be final; All paperwork associated with an individual dissertation assessment including the two independent assessment forms, the joint assessment form and, if moderation employed, the moderation assessment form , as well as the dissertation itself, shall be made available for scrutiny by the External Examiner s.

Ensure that the axes are correct, i. Analysis of the main aspects will be lacking with most of the literature work showing no clear attempt to discuss the rationale and implications of the work in relation to the work of others. Staff have backgrounds across the spectrum of experience of academic research, teaching and administration, and possess a mature and balanced perspective of student requirements for successful completion of their degrees. Remember if you have any problems with referencing it is important to note that the object of the process is to provide as accurate a means as possible for someone else to locate the exact source of material you are using. Information and Presentation Skills. If you do submit a Mitigating Circumstances Form with supporting evidence, this will be considered by the Chair of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel or their nominee who will decide one of the following:

If you wish to use quotations, quote phrases from book or journals in order to analyse them, and quote writers if they express particularly well what you want to say, or if they are making a controversial point that you wish to take up. Clearly demonstrates subkission sophisticated, critical and thorough understanding of the topic.

Analysis of the main aspects will be lacking with most of the literature work showing no clear attempt to discuss the rationale and implications of the work in relation to the work of others.

Presentation of the Dissertation Dissertations should have double or 1. Any decision made by your School based on copied documents will be preliminary, and subject to receipt of original documents and verification, where necessary. You must submit a completed Mitigating Circumstances Form together with supporting evidence to the course administrator or 58 representative — see the section on mitigating circumstances elsewhere in this handbook see content list at beginning submiesion handbook.


The credits achieved with these short courses will contribute to their self-accreditation for the Register of Toxicologists.

brunel university late coursework submission

Professional Development Coureswork 60 Credits The Enhanced MSc programme will feature a 60 Credit Professional Development programme, the preparation for which will begin in Term 3, with a presentation and pitching skills workshop and an academic supervisor and mentor matching event. Shows exceptional clarity, focus and cogency in communication. The engagement points will include coursework submissions, Institute arranged examinations, University examinations, site visits, and meeting with personal tutors and will ideally be set at regular intervals throughout the academic year.

In the case of students under Tier 4 regulations, if attendance is not complying with requirements, students will be contacted in writing by letter and email, requesting a response within 10 days of the date of the letter and email. The dissertation is for the award of a Beunel degree.

If you cite different papers written in the same year by the same author, use a and b to distinguish between the papers.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

More information on the roles and responsibilities of Senior Tutors and Personal Tutors can be found at: Given satisfactory completion of the taught module blocks, the dissertation will be undertaken in the summer term Term 3. Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be presented to TLC. Generally, quotations should be quite short and should not be merely a vehicle for getting across information, e.

However, we consider it impractical to differentiate between students that fall under the Equality Act and those that do not, and believe that all students may benefit from the opportunity universoty record taught sessions. Diagrammatic material may on rare occasions rely on scanned-in images but figures will be described and relevant.

To coordinate staff-student meetings and address points arising from those meetings. The Appeals and Complaints section of the University website contains more detailed information, as well as the Academic Appeals form.

brunel university late coursework submission

Is it clear where all direct quotes start and finish? The procedure for making an appeal is summarised below, and is also set out in the Senate Regulations, specifically Senate Regulation You should always cite the original full reference for each fact, AND if you accessed the fact in a secondary source rather than the original this should also be suubmission in full.


Student Handbook – Brunel University

Students registered for the Enhanced MSc programme who have passed Year 1 will undertake a 6-month Professional Development period in the second year of this month MSc programme 60 credits ; successful completion of which will result a final award credits of MSc in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design with Professional Development. The following caps will be uniformly applied, in the absence of accepted relevant mitigating circumstances: Fail Exposition of the coursewoork The report shows i little understanding of the issues relevant to the dissertation, often drawing on irrelevant information which is used out of context in the topic area, or ii a limited account of the data accumulated during the courwework research project – but this content will tend to be patchy, superficial, lacking in cohesion and focus and will contain many factual and scientific errors.

Details of these are provided in Appendix 2. Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the University about a disability or chronic medical condition in a timely manner such that reasonable adjustments can be agreed and implemented for you — mitigating circumstances can only come into play when things go wrong unexpectedly.

The procedures for academic appeals have two main phases. All cases will be formally and carefully considered, but not all will be accepted. Where mitigating circumstances which relate to the dissertation are submitted by any Masters student and accepted on behalf of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel by the Chair, the period of extension to the submission deadline will not normally exceed 4 weeks from the date of the original universlty.

This should be regarded as an opportunity to develop a truly integrated i. In situations where participants are not going about their daily business, but gathered for the purpose of a study, will it be necessary for participants to take part in the study without their knowledge and consent at the time?

brunel university late coursework submission

Dissertations should be handed into the Institute Office please note opening hours are generally 9am to 5pm, but may vary depending on staff commitments and a receipt obtained which should be kept in a safe place. Diagrammatic material may depend heavily on the inclusion of non-original artwork and the presentation of data may be inappropriate and confusing.