• July 18, 2019

The comments from people that have played seem to indicate that the game leads to some good stories, so the appeal might be in creating your life story and narrating it as you go. Sai dirci il significato di questo proverbio? I have no idea why the box is the size that it is as the components could fit into something half of what is currently available. CV is a turn-based game. I want to like CV. This game is for some people but not for us.

CV got to the table today. Here’s a candidate who set the standard high: In honor of Labor Day, have you played CV? Notify me of new comments via email. When adding cards to a players hand, some cards will need to be placed on top of the players current deck such as a job whereas other cards such as health can be placed anywhere in their deck and is only used for final scoring. The theme is everywhere. Nice artwork and interesting theme – good game if you’re looking for a light game for two to four players.

I know why the box is as large as it is: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Swipe across to see my actual life goals.

Wifey won by 5 points first time playing. Tokens can be used to buy cards. CV is one of my favourite Vtae inspired dice rolling games – it is designed by Filip Milunski and published by Granna.


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In Yahtzee fashion, you can reroll any number of dice twice. I also worry that the Yahtzee mechanic is too light for a game that tackles the theme of life. Torna la nostra rubrica CVGame!

View all posts by Two off the Top. Three good luck symbols can be used to buy any one card from the track without paying its normal cost.

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I love the art style in CV! You are commenting using your Google account. We can knock out a game of Viticulture or two in an hour or if we really want to chuck dice, we can play Fuse six times in the time it takes to knock out CV. Granted, if more expansions become a thing then the extra space will be worthwhile but for now, it really ticks me off as it takes up needed space with its unnecessary size. Nothing wrong with that.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Great reminder that what makes you happy, makes you win at life! I do want to make note that the artwork is predominantly white individuals, if that is a concern for anyone. Just a guy that wants to talk about board games more than his future wife tolerates.

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After thirty minutes you wish you were playing something deeper, something with more calculated movements. Here’s a candidate who set the standard high: Which mentions the next point in that the game is also heavily luck based and that luck, good or bad, can decide the game.


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curriculum vitae bgg

It adds a nice level of humor to what could be considered a stressful subject life without overdoing it and becoming campy. CV – In CV you are rolling dice in a Yahtzee like style to collect cards which shape your characters curriclum story.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Reviews — Two off the Top. But those are outside your control as you leave your fate in the hands of the dice gods. Each die has six symbols — health, knowledge, relationship, money, good luck, and bad luck.

Nothing in the game appears overly serious but neither does it come across as overly comical either. When the game order returns to the first player, the leftmost card on the board is removed from the game.

Event cards vitad also be played from your hand to help you buy card.