• July 20, 2019

Sunday, April 20, Enhancing civilian nuclear capacity is way to the future. Thursday, November 15, Essay – Energy Crisis. Highest consumers of this source are power, transport and industry sectors followed by agriculture and households. Those of us who decline to accept this pessimistic view recognize the difficulty of the practical problem of meeting the needs of an ever-expanding population. This is a reliable source of fuel for automobiles as it is cheaper and far easier to be produced in bulk.

Thus, economic frailty makes recruitment for terrorists easier. Firstly, over the decades, the demand for energy has grown due to following main reasons: Thorough study and analysis of papers. Energy crisis is pervasive in all major sectors of economy and affect quality and standard of life of population at large. Economic sector is being hit hard because energy is pivotal for the smooth functioning of its various parts. The key to this treasure is developing solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Even today the conditions in this region are not stable.

More land area under cultivation, greenery and habitation to improve better water management and cleanliness. The tribal militants, allegedly patronized by foreign powers especially India, sodharr out heinous acts of terrorism and even resort to target killings to advance their separatist agenda.

There has been no energy bonanza in Pakistan.

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Comprehensive plans to ensure revival of industry to generate economic activity and jobs should be devised. Circular debt is expected to come down with recent increases in tariff.

Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP) 38th Common – CSS Forums

There is plethora of examples in history when deprived and marginalized people rebelled and even resorted to violence to gain their rights.

Thar Coal has estimated billion tonnes of coal, the energy potential of which exceeds oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.


Now they claim that irsuad have obtained a gas but have not declared the calorific value yet. However, no renewable energy form will single handedly replace oil, but together they will become a very important part of the energy mix of the future. It is a graduate level exam, which can be qualified by ordinary candidates. Although the country did not lack natural resources and sites for the exploitation of non-renewable and renewable energy, it failed to tap its potential.

What steps are required for the preparation of CSS?

Coal is a game changer for Pakistan. It is wide perception that a poor person, an employed one or idshad with family responsibilities cannot do the CSS as it is a tough exam.

Global warming By Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP)

Foreign Service requires a person to be a very convincing and diplomatic personality, what do you think? Other three causes behind the global energy crisis include surge in demand, tighter supply, political uncertainty in oil producing countries and lack of the diversity of resources. There are four main types of fossil fuels: However, economic growth is the messiah, as demonstrated by the experiment of Essqy Advisory Group in Pakistan in s.

essay of irshad sodhar

The Central Asian States have their own internal political turmoil. Centre for Coal Technology Punjab University has conducted analysis of samples of coal from all four provinces and AK including Thar coal.

Given the present trend, Pakistan could soon become one of the food deficit countries in the near future. The main cause of high cost is faulty fuel mix. Mangrove forest, which is already threatened, would be further affected adversely. Which combination should the candidates opt for optional subjects and also suggest the best books for these optional subjects?


Thar coal; the game changer

Even today the conditions in this region are not stable. My considered opinion is that Thar geology is against the pre-requisites for UCG.

essay of irshad sodhar

Firstly, over the decades, the demand for energy has grown due to following main reasons: We have to build all dams. Inaverage production exceeded slightly 4, million cubic feet per day. The experimentation is going on since for the coals that are deeper than meters and not minable. One of sdhar major reasons behind the crippled economy of Pakistan is terrorism.

Essay of irshad sodhar

Wesley Clark, one time Od Allied Commander of NATO, admits that US and Europe’s intervention in Middle East — initiative of multiple regime changes in around seven countries through direct and indirect wars — is primarily to gain control over oil resources sodhwr Western powers.

Any message The CSS is one of the best careers for the graduates. Let alone increase the supply of energy, situation has worsened due to poor management, operational inefficiencies, power theft, and line losses. There are alternative sources of energy, apart from the two categories — namely, renewable and non-renewable resource — which are promising and future of sustainable energy production.

Man is dependent on energy, which has been the key to his rapid industrial growth and technological development.