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Take a look under the Highbury Grove category: Thanks for sharing always great to read from the other side of the world. But, whilst my prior experience prepared me well for some key elements of strategic thinking and armed me with some well-tested leadership tools, the day-to-day reality of school life makes this a different job altogether; I have been on a steep learning curve. Islington is where Tony Blair used to live; he famously turned up his nose at its secondary schools and sent his children elsewhere. The letter sent to White claimed “fighting between pupils in class and in the corridors was a daily occurrence” when Dolan did her research earlier this year.

Much has been written about how researchers affect the dynamics of a situation, and this has to be taken into account when viewing Thursday’s programme. Tearing up his party card the day he graduated, Norcross’s Left-wing views steadily melted away as he first taught at Singlegate and Abbey Wood Schools before becoming a housemaster at Battersea County School and then joining Highbury Grove. Schoolchildren like continuity, so they feel let down when their permanent teacher is absent, no matter the reason. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. In our opinion, a person who is engaged in another, conflicting role – such as undercover filming to expose indiscipline in the class – is not in a position to manage a class. I stood outside lessons to listen for disruptive behaviour in class.

Chameleon Grive, which produced the programme, has written to the four school heads telling them that the issues covered will include “classroom disruption and poor pupil discipline, the inspection process and the pressure on schools to improve their comparative listing in examination league tables”.


Computers The library also has 16 networked computers for student use.

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highnury It seems like a good moment to reflect on my first year as Head of Highbury Grove. Reblogged this on Create Great Schools and commented: Recent Comments rosemariefrost on Studying successfully: April 14, How self-aware are you? Students are selling homemade cakes today to raise money for RedNoseDay – mmmm bake sale!

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When I suggested that the school’s behaviour policy was not highnury understood by pupils or staff, I was met with looks of incredulity. Students may use the library before school, at break, lunch time and after school to borrow books, read, study and do homework. Lessons started quickly and a working atmosphere was prevalent. Some students work as library helpers at break times.

Without hesitation, she agreed.

These sentiments were echoed by Emine and Mehmet Giritly, the parents groce Cagdas, who is in year A member of yighbury extreme Left by the time he extricated himself from the service, he joined the Communist Party and was a union activist in the printing industry.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Unless I visited the school on an atypical day, I can truthfully report that what I saw gave me much pleasure. What is a knowledge-rich curriculum?

highbury grove homework

Using the library Students may use the library before school, at break, lunch time and after school to borrow books, read, study and do homework. Monday 20 May City of London Academies Groev. Many of the staff believe their school was not randomly selected. Great reflective post that really highlights just how complicated school, and school leadership, have become. I will have a hard job explaining to the children that all of these were disregarded by one of grobe teachers, whether she was temporary or not.


A Bill Rogers Top Though they had to walk quite a way from one faculty to another, pupils generally arrived at their lessons on time and with a minimum of fuss. As the school’s statement to Dispatches points out: At Highbury Grove we want every student to enjoy reading, because we know that students who read for pleasure succeed at school.

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Settling in, he explained that he planned to run the school like Boyson, with uniforms, homework and a tradition of hard work. The library also has 16 networked computers for student use. Every one of them seemed shocked when I suggested highhury might be widespread misbehaviour in the school and that not much action was taken to deal with it.

The policy highlights the responsibilities of pupils, parents and teachers. It is clear that schooling is a tough gig: Channel 4’s concerns about Highburg Grove were news to parents, too. Hmoework are absolutely satisfied that Alex [Dolan] was doing a very good job.

Despite the disadvantages, the great majority of children are good and well behaved. An ardent cricket fan, he claimed to be equally addicted to John Donne and Benny Hill, and used to say that his best job had been delivering beer around Surrey after he left the Navy.

highbury grove homework