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He is a much needed member of the group. The plans that Homer makes shows that he has the ability to think, observe and calculate in tactical ways. He started at me without saying anything. I know what it’s been like for me so far, just doing little things, like waiting in that car in Three Pigs Lane. As always these are just my opinions and thus subject to change at any time. Reverting to the wild and crazy competitive guy. He is able to deal with pressure and also able to carefully plan things out.

If anything goes wrong we can call it off, no harm done, no need to feel bad. She was one of my role models – along with Marilyn Monroe and Emily Dickinson. Do you know’, she looked at me with her big innocent eyes, ‘he’s got some weird thing about my parents being solicitors, and living in that stupid big house. They are almost opposites. Following the confrontation with Ellie about taking a gun to Buttercup Lane and again about keeping score of kills, Homer starts to mature. It was so rare for him to admit he was wrong about anything that I bit back the joke I was going to make. Proudly Greek and uncontrollably incendiary.

Homer’s last good idea. Good luck in the exam.

homer yannos essay

If you disagree, think I have missed something, or have something to add, please use the link at the bottom of the page to send me a note. Homer suggests that everyone acquire a pen and compose down what they think they heard. Display posts from previous: Another incident to make with the public lavatories in which Homer tries to do the group of adolescents laugh is on page Homer had put us back on our feet and got us dancing again.


We all began to slowly unfurl and turn towards Homer. I couldn’t do anything about it; it didn’t matter anyway. L1 Novel Essay Hi That’s a good looking essay.


He is able to cover with force per unit area and besides able to carefully be after things out. My teeth were chattering so bad I had to hold ezsay mouth shut to keep them in.

This is where the group of teenagers have a loud argument in which nobody is listening to each other and they are all yelling. He eventually admits he was mistaken about taking the gun esszy then, when preparing to attack Cobbler’s Bay, he shows such good sense that Ellie is relieved. He then explains that it is a Greek custom.

This is another aspect of why Homer is quite an interesting character. These experiences crush him, and the others take the lead.

Ellie refers to a time when Homer climbed out of the window and went down the drainpipe at school, page And of course the ‘no one’ he was worried about was me. I found myself getting quite sentimental about him.

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And every so often they drop the games. He so explains that it is a Grecian usage. Ever since they were little kids Homer had been boisterous, at home and at school.

It was getting hard to remember that this fast-thinking guy, who’d just spent fifteen minutes getting us laughing and talking and feeling good again, wasn’t even trusted to hand out the books at homeg. I’m talking food, clothes, petrol, rifles, tools, everything.


When the group was hiding-out in the public lavatories. But Homer’s saying it had brought it within the realms of possibility, till suddenly it seemed like the only thing to do. No, even sometimes me. A willy-willy of feeling stormed up inside me – anger, confusion, disbelief. Ellie says on page ; Homer was going more surprising with every passing hr.

That is merely one illustration of the manner in which Homer was immature before the war. In fact, his saying it made it seem so possible that it was almost as if it had happened already.

As with the rest of the crew, the remarkable, loyal, brave Homer; who saved them all at the start, who kept them going, who inspired, who lead, who enlivened, who struggled till the end; this very accomplished young man is in desperate need of all of the above by the end of ” The Other Side of Dawn “. But he had just proved how much wiser he was these days.

He was panting, then he added: Very unlike Homer who is noncompliant and unsmooth. Thank you Describe an important character.

homer yannos essay