• January 14, 2020

The remaining or so campuses are either teaching out their students or closing outright. ITT Tech students have taken the same math courses required to obtain a degree at a traditional school. We were also suppose to have 5 mock crime scenes, and never got 1. What matters is regional accreditation. But I did try my hardest to work around her faults.

So the whole class, including the instructors, spent our class time doing tutorials. Jennifer in Troy, Michigan. You will have an easier time finding employment with most other degrees or simply from the fact you are an honorably discharged vet. Now looking back, I was so misled from the start. After returning the assignments, he would give us a failing grade, saying I never turned in my work.

Now I am stuck at a job where I don’t make enough to pay off my student loan and I’m sure I will be paying on it for the rest of my life.

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If it indeed did not, then the mistake falls back on the school the attendance should not have been affected by the Christmas break. I realize I have been ashamed to admit to former colleagues where I work, I have been too embarrassed to volunteer for agencies fighting social injustice.

This was right up my alley and I was the first student to enroll in this cete. Also the instructor was an architect himself but was too tired every night class to teach me properly. Jeff once again introduced himself and ask me for my cover letter and resume. I’ve thought about leaving a little lroject on your site several times for the past year or so, but I didn’t want speak ill of an institution for which several decent caapstone appear to work.


Some schools will still accept you, others not so much. I was eventually let go automatically, by a computer, because I fell below the rolling average.

My ITT Experience

They have been wonderful to me. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and the small class sizes meant that you could get help from your instructor when you needed it. Me in there signing the papers would be the dramatic cut scene in a movie when you realize the character has made the decision that will haunt them for the rest projech there life About 4 months in I was doing real good, had a 3.

CoreyMitchellll in Gulf Breeze, Florida 40 months ago. Prroject was a typical High school graduate and really knew nothing. You cannot change a contract in the middle of the course!

During my Capstone quarter, my instructor kept grading reports and returning them. This is where I feel ITT gets its bad rep from. My last semester there, I had graduating seniors in Computer Programming that carried 4.

At the tail end of the program, I was brought into financial aid and I ended up signing more paperwork and an additional document, which brought in a few thousand dollars into the picture. I highly recommend that anyone actually wanting a true education go elsewhere.


This was going on up until 2 weeks ago? SO I won’t waste my time trying. The document was blacked out in several places. Like I said projfct is my experience and not my opinion like others give.

itt tech ceet capstone project

The enrollment process was very, very easy. We were expected to have them apply AND get them through financial aid on the first visit. How do I describe my job history on LinkedIn? Yep, you heard right!

September 2016

Teech you want to start your career here, you will need a resume. He was so unqualified that he had to take a job with Verizon.

ITT charges a little over 90k for a bachelors degree now. I was a student at ITT for 4 years. We even had to wait out in front of classes with a clip board making sure they arrived.

itt tech ceet capstone project

I knew that I could handle this amount. I’m thinking, based on the spelling and grammer of this posting, the English classes at this ITT school are of little help.