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Yes, the show is a work of art. The Wire was my top all-time show until the last few minutes of The Sopranos roared past it The Wire kinda limped to the finish line while The Sopranos went out strong. Cinematically it was very well realised. Nice,before reading this my theory was that if you liked Tony he lived,if you hated him he died. It is not that this other material is irrelevant, it is that it is not—as our essayist seems to take it—decisive. This is the arc and message if you can call it that of the entire series.

Its a great analysis but I think you are ignoring the rather large elephant in the room — it is up to each viewer to decide how they think the story will play out. I really enjoyed reading this analysis of the Sopranos, and I feel everything was broken down very well. Tony survived being shot, twice, he survived going to the mattresses and he survived his mother — The show is about his survival, and then everything goes blank. First off, many readers are hung up on the title of the piece. Melfi and his two families.

This has caused a lot of confusion and I apologize. The artist can weigh in, but cannot dictate terms.

We are his family, excusing everything disseration he did for our own selfish desires- namely entertainment. Some weak moments, but overall not bad for a show no one thought would be all that successful.

Tony has very few left to kill, and no real friends left alive after conflicts with Heshe and Paulie left those friendships damaged. His crew was decimated. Patsy endibg be thinking that Tony thinks his Jason will also get busted and that will lead to Patsy flipping.


He then tells her how much he loves her. This explanation will be supported by words from David Chase himself, including a very revealing, largely unknown, radio interview of Chase in April of Suddenly, the image of Tracee walking towards him pops into his head.

Then the crew would solely consist of soldiers. xopranos

sopranos ending dissertation

Was he so far on the edge that he was almost diseertation to get plugged because he saw the end coming as inevitable and welcome compared to being put through a trial? The interview was published in Portuguese and I had to use a few on-line translators to get the best translation:. Having said all that, I now want to congratulate MasterOfSopranos.

Especially considering that, if we assume Paulie also dies, Patsy is next in line for the boss-seat. The editing suggests the exact opposite.

The Sopranos

Along the way I lost interest as certain plots and characters seemed too contrived, and the acclaim I had read about the show had seem overrated and undeserved. I think Kubrick would be proud. As far as MOG… he exits the bathroom after Meadow has sat down and we realize why he was looking over at Tony Soprano… he recognized him.

In Breaking Bad it is a dramaturgically closed form in which the deadly ending is inscribed in the narrative from the very beginning; while in Mad Men the conditions for the finale are different due to its rather epic and open dramaturgy.

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IMHO this is an excellent, thought-provoking piece of work, and a service to the community of interpretation. Excellent writing, directing, and acting. The emotional affinity with the antihero has recently become dissertaiton object of study. Would you call Tony taking a gun out of the mouth of a dead fish to murder someone in broad daylight realistic? White collar crime is the big fish, now—and Tony, Junior, etc.


A circle is a symbol of infinity. He closed the Dr. Every surprise is so;ranos laid out in explicit detail.

sopranos ending dissertation

Speaking of Patsy, his threat to Gloria in Season 3 now seems eerily prescient. There are multiple shots of Tony smiling and his expressions are of disdertation, not paranoia. HBO asked him for another season of a show he was ready to put to bed.

Through my analysis, Endihg establish key moments when discourses about masculinity intersected with and connected to discourses about neoliberalism. Just wanted to post this interesting tidbit from Brent submitted on the wrong page:.

Best of Salon: Why “The Sopranos” final scene haunts us still

However the authors put so much work into their analysis and are so much sure about their truth, that they will probably diseregard it or lower its importance:. In this essay, I discuss several distinctive evolutions, starting with a broad observation about television technology before dissecting how the televisual narrative has evolved, including portrayals of masculinity on TV.

The antihero is a complex character who demands equally complex responses from viewers.