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These are the customers who are about to start or have just started a family. The Success Story of Tesco Introduction When Jack Cohen started selling groceries from a stall close to London in , he might not have realized what success story he was about to create Tesco, Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. In this essay we will look at the relationship marketing techniques and loyalty schemes being used by Tesco to develop and maintain existing relationships with the different customer segments. Information Management Knowledge management within Tesco. Masters thesis, University of East London. Tesco has the lowest level of customer loyalty in UK retail market compared to its nearest competitors.

If the answer is yes then why similar loyalty programs have failed for other retailers. It has been able to use the Clubcard very effectively in addressing different customer segments and in attracting and retaining customers of all types. These new technological advances reduced the company’s cost and enabled the company to become price-leader. How Tesco is winning customer loyalty – 1st Edition: This study will delve deeply into the concept of brand trust, the effects of loyalty cards in relationship marketing and the impact of loyalty cards on brand trust in reality, by considering the case study of Tesco and their Loyalty Club Card facilities for the UK customers. Additionally the “advent of the weekly shop” became a cultural norm made easier with the increasing usage of cars Corporate Watch UK, Over the last century women have started entering the workforce enabling Tesco to hire “cheap female labour for services” Fine,

Tesco is suffering from low customer satisfaction level in UK retail industry.

The entry in the EU has given Tesco access to the European market and has made it significantly easier for the company to operate in Europe. Menu Toggle navigation Login Repository Statistics. Some findings have revealed that although the customer loyalty of Tesco is mainly influenced by quality of products and services, and price efficiency, club card has significant impact to increase customer loyalty towards Tesco.

tesco clubcard thesis

The club is for kids but it is actually up to the parents to become members and get information and gifts for their children. Hard to believe, but this was the foundation of Tesco as we know it today. Limited time to conduct the research was the major limitation of the research as for the successful completion of such xlubcard required huge time, which was not possible to manage within tighten academic schedule.


Even during the financial crisis period inprofit increased by 22 percent due to its strong international business Haerifar, These new technological advances reduced the company’s cost and enabled the company to become price-leader.

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They also get entries into free prize draws and also permit to be able to park their cars nearer to the store. Customer satisfaction of Tesco is also influenced by organizational behavior and customer perception, reliability, credibility, security, assurance, attractiveness, quality, communication, accessibility and image.

How Tesco is winning customer loyalty – 1st Edition: Before, employees had to write down the prices by hand Smith, Accounting essays Architecture essays Business essays Coursework Economics essays Education essays Engineering essays English language essays English literature essays. The questions in the questionnaire are mostly close-ended questions cubcard on Likert Scale Rating which has been analysed through factor percentage analysis method.

This however shows that Clubcard has definitely helped Tesco in developing better understanding of the needs of the customers and at least in that sense has been a very useful tool. The research is conducted based on secondary data.

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As the research was conducted based on secondary data, it has limited the sufficient data collection ability of the researcher. If cluncard are the original author of this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:. Concerns can be raised that, is this not marketing to children and therefore unethical.

tesco clubcard thesis

Tesco was the ideal retailer with its strategy of “pile it high, sell it cheap” and company was able to “take off This club also helps Tesco in promoting the new range of wines available at their stores. Yhesis Tesco has been able to use its loyalty program very well to establish mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. Tesco has become a stable, crisis-proof business, because if one country, market or product was doing poorly it still benefited from other markets.


Club card has a significant impact on customer satisfaction level of Tesco as it helps organizations to identify and clubcare customer needs clubcsrd, establish positive relationship with targeted customers, produce and place proper product for customers, deliver efficient customer services, and efficient pricing strategy.

Tesco offers the members a quarterly Disney Clubzone Magazine for kids, a Parents Pack that contains information on issues such as healthy eating habits for kids and children safety, and price-off coupons that can be used for buying food, toys and clothes for kids.

The members get free magazines offering advice from experts on childcare issues tesc safety tips for pregnancy period.

To fulfil the main aim, the following objectives will be further accomplished. In the company launched “Tesco Online”, which has become the most successful on-line grocery shopping service in the world. The main purpose of this research dissertation is to evaluate the relationship between brand trust earned through loyalty cards used cluubcard many conventional retail stores.

tesco clubcard thesis

These are just a few examples of how technology has significantly influenced the company’s success. Technological factors Technology has also impacted the company thedis various ways including the invention of the shopping cart.

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Customer loyalty is significantly controlled by the customer satisfaction of Tesco as high level of customer satisfaction produces clubcaard level of customer loyalty whereas low level of customer satisfaction reduces customer loyalty.

This club provides information to members who like drinking wine about the different range of wines available all over the world as well as information such as which wine goes with what kind of food etc.

During the s Britain became the “sick man of Europe” and so the country decided to join the EU in and adopted many new policies. They also get price-off coupons on food products such as dairy items and organic foods.