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The meta-analysis of Brosseau et al[ 28 ] in is the first high quality study that we noted in the last decade, concerning the question about the use of CPM. Surgery ; Total knee arthroplasty ; total knee replacement ; mobile bearing ; trabecular metal ; hydroxy-apatite coating ; Kirurgi ; Orthopaedics ; ortopedi ; Abstract: Patella resurfacing vs nonresurfacing in patients undergoing bilateral TKA. Seon et al[ 12 ]. However, in , Seon et al[ 12 ] published another prospective randomized study which also compared high-flexion posterior-stabilized TKA with high-flexion posterior-retained TKA and disagreed: Surgical and functional outcome of acetabulum fractures

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Patella resurfacing vs nonresurfacing in patients undergoing bilateral TKA. Ji FF L- Editor: No significant clinical differences in the early to medium term. Moreover, on the same subject, a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials by Rama et al[ 17 ] in , indicated that early tourniquet release for hemostasis increases blood loss, but also decreases the risk of regional postoperative complications wound complications, symptomatic deep venous thrombosis and knee stiffness requiring manipulation and the risk of reoperation. Table 1 Studies comparing posterior cruciate retaining vs posterior cruciate sacrificing total knee replacement methods. In , the randomized controlled trial by Pulavarti et al[ 47 ] shed more light on the subject of patellar denervation without resurfacing:

Patellar resurfacing in total knee replacement: Percutaneous needle tenotomy for management of CDK 6.

Patellar resurfacing or not No significant differences between groups with regard to the incidence of anterior knee pain. Assessment of outcomes and factors affecting outcomes in proximal humerus fracture treated with locking plates.

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To use a tourniquet or not Tourniquet effectively reduced blood and avoided excessive topucs inflammation and muscle damage. They claimed that CPM did not significantly reduce this risk. Lower tourniquet cuff pressure reduces postoperative wound complications after total knee arthroplasty: Numerous studies have yielded conflicting results.


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For example, the use of a posterior-stabilized or cruciate-retaining prosthesis, the necessity for a tourniquet and for continuous passive motion CPMthe necessity for patella resurfacing or eversion during surgery, are some of the most controversial topics that until now have been persistent dilemmas for the orthopedic surgeon.

No statistical differences between 2 groups throughout the follow-up periods in recovery of quadriceps force or power and clinical data. Surgery ; Total knee arthroplasty ; total knee replacement ; mobile bearing ; trabecular metal ; hydroxy-apatite in ; Kirurgi ; Orthopaedics ; ortopedi.

In order to be up-to-date and present the most recent findings, we preferred to include in our study only the papers published in the last decade. No difference in anterior knee pain. A good use of time during the class is to explore other thesis drivers by conducting a sensitivity analysis. Comparative study of complex and non complex primary total knee replacement — clinical and functional outcome. A strong debate is found in the literature about the usefulness of the tourniquet in TKA.

Prospective, randomized study comparing high-flexion CR design implanted in one knee and high-flexion PS design implanted in the other knee in simultaneous bilateral TKA. Case Exhibit 8, however, shows no particular relation between margins and multiples, such that neither multiple seems unreasonable.


Ilizarov ring fixator for knee fusion post infected TKR Ishii Y, Matsuda Y. Patellar resurfacing reduces the risk of reoperation after TKR.

Type of study Outcome Verra et al[ 15 ] Meta-analysis of randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials, comparing retention with sacrifice of the PCL in primary TKR No clinically relevant differences found.


thesis topics on tkr

Continuous passive motion following total knee replacement: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. However, tourniquet release after wound closure can increase the risk of early postoperative complications requiring another operation Ishii et al[ 16 ] Randomized trial in patients who had undergone cementless TKA.

Common controversies in total knee replacement surgery: Current evidence

See yesterday’s most popular searches here. Therefore, IR should not sell for less than the standalone value, and Timken should not offer more than the with-synergies thesis. Is it necessary to use a tourniquet? The high quality papers that we collected began with the review of Jacobs et al[ 8 ] inwho concluded that sacrificing the PCL leads to superior results concerning the range of knee motion, although they mention that the methodological quality of the studies that were included was highly variable and the results should be interpreted with caution.

Meta-analysis of randomized trials. A randomized clinical trial. Journal List World J Orthop v.

thesis topics on tkr

No significant difference was observed for the function component of the Knee Society Score or for any other reported knee score. The HSS score and a special questionnaire were used at the clinical examination. Abstract Total knee replacement TKR is a widely used operation that has radically improved topicz quality of life of millions of people during the last few decades.