• November 12, 2019

During summer and intersessions we are open 1: Once your petition has all the required signatures, take it to the Cashier’s Office Aldrich Hall and pay the Filing Fee by the deadline, and then submit the signed petition to the Graduate Division Aldrich Hall. How many blank lines should I use between sections? Skip to main content. Skip to main content Skip to search box. You have an option to delay access through an embargo request process.

To maintain your full-time enrollment, you must pay either the quarterly Registration Fee and enroll in a minimum of 12 units or, in certain cases see section 1. How many blank lines should I use between sections? Students are admitted to candidacy if they pass by unanimous vote an oral examination administered by a Candidacy Committee. The requirements described in this manual apply only to the formatting of your manuscript, not to its scholarly content. Policies and procedures change over time.

You are approaching the last step toward attainment of your graduate degree. If your student status lapses, so does your candidate status.

Degree Completion | Graduate Division | UCI

Is an online template available? Your submission is not complete until we have signed off.

Note that the margin requirements also pertain to the preliminary pages. The LaTeX template is for dissertations only. Can I submit my thesis to you even if it’s not required? Where is University Archives located and how can I reach you?


Refer to sections 7. If you are ordering copies of your manuscript through UMI, you must include a money order, certified check, or credit card information.

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Pay the Filing Fee 1. Under Plan I a committee of three faculty members is required for advancement, 1 chair and 2 general members. Toggle primary navigation UCI homepage. Upon submitting your manuscript electronically, University Archives will automatically send you a verification email stating your submission has been received.

Submitting your final degree packet starts your final degree check. Can I use a manual from another UC? Follow the Requirements in this Manual 1. Policies and procedures change over time. Deadlunes must select one method of submission, either electronically or paper.

uci dissertation filing deadlines

Electronic submissions of ETDs are done here. For all other matters of organization, presentation, and documentation, your manuscript should meet the standards for published journal articles or monographs in your dissertayion. Real-time, chat reference service is provided by reference staff from various academic libraries. During summer and intersessions we are open 1: Points to Double Check].

Theses and dissertation submitted electronically will be disserattion via Library Search, with a link to the fulltext in eScholarship. Note that you are responsible for making any necessary changes before the Archives staff will sign off on your submission.


Note that the name of your degree may not match the name of your department. You have an option to delay access through an embargo request process.

No, but you should at least bring the preliminary pages and a chapter or two, plus any figures or tables about disserfation you may have questions. Special Collections and Archives, P.

uci dissertation filing deadlines

D in order to earn both degrees. Once your manuscript has been accepted by the University Archives, no changes to the text or substitution of pages may be made.

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The Archives staff reviews your manuscript to ensure that: If an art student does choose to submit to the Archives, their manuscript must conform to the requirements in this manual. Below is a general overview of what to expect during the degree completion process. Plan II does not require a committee; however students must consult with their department regarding advancement requirements.

Follow the Requirements in this Manual The requirements in this manual pertain to manuscript formatting, manuscript submission, and copyright matters.