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It displays the role of Seattle during this period when many ventured north to become rich. Critical Commentary of Frantz Fanon Essay. There are elements of their religious beliefs tied to directing natural processes such as rainfall, fertility of the soil, abundance of crops, or birth and death and other events in the life cycle. John Kelly notes a similar physical manifestation at Cahokia with the “quadrilateral configuration of the plazas” plus the vertical dimension present in the Monks Mound, standing as the great mound does between the lower world and the upper world of the sky, with the ascending ramp like a cosmic stairway tying together earth, land, and sky. Grades 4 — 6 Begin with the orientation show in the theater.

As the Cahokia site expanded, the Mississippians began using agriculture as a means of food production. What items were buried with the Chief? This three-dimensional cosmic diagram was also like an organizational chart of your community’s class structure. On your way to work your path took you through this celestial microcosm. They are exhausted when they reach the top, but find the work is worth it when they see the view from the top! Archaeological discoveries in the late twentieth century indicated that some aspects of festival life in Cahokia dealt with what we would call the darker side of life.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Essay

In this way powerful chiefs and their affiliated ruling class could perpetuate their control and position. After Cahokia, examples can be found in many Amerindian tribes, and we gain many insights through the ethnographic analogies that follow.

There are examples of human sacrifices of all kinds in other cultures, and moujds Cahokia was no exception. Transporting all the logs from the forest to the site takes more labor.


As scholar William G. How did they make use of wood? A Culture of Conspiracy: Large work crews were also assigned to mpunds the plazas, filling in the swales and tamping the surface smooth.

American Real Estate Market words – 5 pages organizing ability. They show the surrounding world that the inhabitants are big, bold, and in command. If thirty people each carried eight baskets of earth a day, the job essxy take years.

Family ties to the Native American tribes enables family members to see first hand how the prehistoric cultural, social and religious practices performed evolved into a new set of practices in our society today. For comparison, an average pickup truck holds 96 cubic feet, so it would takepickup loads to bring the dirt to the site.

Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos, Sally A. Kitt Chappell, an excerpt

The evidence indicates that many Amerindian societies deliberately planned their communities after a cosmic model.

If I am a priest I am above all other creatures, approaching the celestial world.

What activities do you see the women doing? What was the use of the different mounds? Majestic mounds and four plazas mark the cardinal directions, a reflection of the cosmos in the heart of the midwestern prairie. cahoki

We have seen the evidence of a solar calendar at Poverty Point about B. Back at school math Make a graph showing successful tries Figure the ratios of successful tries Exhibits Mound 72 What shape is Mound 72? Many eastern and midwestern Native American tribes that we know from historical records divided not only the physical aspects of their villages but their social order according to the cosmological principles of their religion. Nearby, however, there are several conical burial mounds built by the prehistoric Adena Indians sometime between B.


This charming ceramic bowl shows a swimming beaver chewing on a stick held in his paws, no doubt on his way to build his home.

cahokia mounds essay

Erecting a woodhenge was complicated; it involved digging large bathtub-shaped foundation holes, aligning and measuring, and coordinating the work of pulling the posts upright see figure 53 below. Life at Munds was filled with workers going about daily activities and the tasks of house building in the shadows of the tall mounds occupied by the elite. Compare Cahokia to St. Nearly twenty thousand logs are needed for the kind of stockade fence that surrounded central Cahokia.

An ordinary ezsay in a sacred city. The Pleiades promise a frost-free growing season. These characteristics enable archaeologists to trace the evolution of societal influences among various geographic areas.

Perhaps human sacrifice was also part of a system of social control of the labor force.

cahokia mounds essay

Nature is altered, assisted, made neat and orderly as well as fructified by the efforts of human architecture and husbandry. If you were a worker, on ordinary days you were outside the palisade wall; on festival days you gathered with other common people in the plaza see figure 48 below. For example the New Madrid earthquake in the year raised or dropped part of the river by eight feet.

It displays the role of Seattle during this period when many ventured north to become rich.