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There is a need for the improvements in safety equipment manual to automatic. In the original manual, the measures should be done each one hour not two. For several years after the disaster, no information was given about the composition of that deadly cloud. Storing the MIC in large tanks more than the advised level. Both Indian government and Union Carbide Corporation gave the priority to the profit. At the time of the disaster only six of the twelve operators were still working and the number of the supervisors was reduced to the half.

The new method was safer, but more expensive. These were management and ethics. This feature is the water curtain spray. In this scrubber the gas entering from its lower part is sprayed by caustic soda solution which can neutralize the MIC and convert it to harmless material. UCIL produced pesticides and agricultural product s to cover the huge demand of Indian market.

There should be slip cass plates that could prevent cleaning water in the pipes from entering the MIC tank in case the valves were faulty. It is wall of sprayed water droplets which can react with the MIC gas in the plant atmosphere and convert it to less harmful water soluble materials. In summery there were a lot of gaps in the way of understanding of this case, but risk analysis studies enable as to extract the most probable scenario.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

It has a highly active volatile reaction with water. These sliding plates are efficient to prevent any quantity of water from entering the tank when cleaning the MIC transferring pipe by flushing with water. Moreover, both Indian government and Union Carbide lied to the public about the fatality of the gas which causes the disaster.


At the time, workers were cleaning out a clogged pipe with water about feet from the tank.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

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The plant had a capacity of 5, metric tons per year of MIC. Subject Category Recent Discussions. The reaction products are not toxic as the MIC.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy|Business Ethics Case Studies

Flare tower was out of service for five months before the disaster because a length of piping was corroded and was not replaced. Stricter enforcement and personnel training must be followed. In a worker died after inhaling a large amount of phosgene [1].

Manual safety devices were ppf instead of the automatic ones in the West Virginia plant. This because there is uncertainty about how water entered the tank Create Account Using Your Email. In summary, the event was preceded by warning events sincebut neither the UCIC took a step to treat the events noted nor do anything to mitigate the consequences of an event could happen later. This can prevent the propagation of run-away reactions. Then bone dry, high purity nitrogen was used at the Bhopal plant stuyd reduce the risk of contamination, especially from trace amounts of water.

Growing of mushrooming slums around the plant increase the effect of gas release nearest one was 1.

Investigations done later ppy that about lb of water entered the tank. Many workers run away out of the plant escaping from the gas.


case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

It is csae that all of the above were operations management decisions, these decisions are made by line supervisors, and managers at the plant level. Click here to sign up. They claimed that they were not told to isolate the tank with a pipe slip-blind plate. This includes replacing imported stainless steel parts with Indian carbon steel parts. Due to the conflict between Indian government and Union Carbide Corporation about the responsibility of what happened. In addition workers were asked to use manuals written in English although few of them know it effectively.

The new method was safer, but more expensive.

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No information was gaa to the local authorities about the huge quantities of dangerous chemicals used and manufactured in the plant.

To minimize operating cost, the refrigeration unit was shut down by setting the temperature set point to 20 C instead of the 4. Enter the email address you signed up with and sutdy email you a reset link.

In contrast similar plant in USA has two flares. It resulted in great changes in the US regulations.

There are two theories explaining how water entered the tank