• June 24, 2019

These have bought dramatic improvements in the processes performed by the companies in Healthcare industry. Dear user, The EconomicTimes. Vision for the Future. But there are certain points come to the mind, when it comes to the ERP implementation. Thecompany looked for integration across all business functions, faster information availability,and better control of operations. Olson, D L, and F Zhao. Reports can be quicklyproduced and without logistical headaches.

But it was unable to provide data analysis support. With Wockhardt going global, the need of the hour was a robust IT infrastructure and anefficient information system in place. The company decided to replace its existing IT landscape with a future-oriented solution thatwould be capable of supporting growth and continuous innovation on a global scale. But in the studies it was clearly stated that all the CSFs considered in their reports can be considered equally for successful ERP Implementation. Digital Disruption and Innovation: Consolidation of data across locations was difficult.

In each of the two, one is a hospital and other is a pharmaceutical.

case study sap implementation at wockhardt

Lessons from real-world ERP implementation case studies sqp you can apply to your software implementation International Journal of Management and Strategy http: The second session discuss literature review, third discuss Research Methodology, and in the fourth and fifth, case studies, CSFs, findings and conclusion are discussed. The implementation which was started in May took around eight months to be completed.

How Wockhardt Hospitals CIO built an automated cost analysis model

In order aat implement, there is a requirement of ERP vendors e. SAP software enables the company to compete more effectively by giving it increasedflexibility to respond quicker to market opportunities, provide value-added services to itscustomers, and change course when necessary. Existing sales and operations planning was manual, time consuming, constrained by errors in data re-entry and validation cas sales, production and financial system and lack of data analysis capability.


Hammer and Champy say that IT is an integral part of reengineering as an enabler since it permits companies to reengineer business process.

Reinvent The Way You Work. Olson, D L, and F Zhao.

case study sap implementation at wockhardt

The most striking benefit has been saap visibility leading to better planning and improvedcoordination across the organisation. The most popular best practices are task elimination, task composition, Integral technology, Empower, order assignment, Resequencing, Specialist-generalist, Integration, parallelism, Numerical Involvement.

The result is optimised inventory throughout the supply chain and improvedreplenishment planning, with better fill rates and fewer stock outs.

The company looked for an ERP solution that would: Siriraj Hospital established ina Non- Profit health care provider for Thailand poor and middle classes located in Bangkok. Wait till month end of sales proceedings iplementation no information on instant stock availability.

Case Study_ SAP Implementation at Wockhardt – Express Pharma

Wockhardt limited, a leading player in healthcare industry, provides all types of services including manufacturing and marketing formulations, biopharmaceuticals, Nutrition products, vaccines, active pharmaceutical ingredients API. In providing healthcare services, the private sector and public sector are taking a lot of initiatives such as introducing day care centres by Nova and developing Public — Private Partnerships i. The existing Macpac was unable to perform simulation, create planned orders and to support distribution resource planning.

Experienced in Implementation, Development, Up-Gradation, Redesigning of Sales and Distribution processes. Skip to main content. Wockhardt goes global, moreover, Wockhardts strategies are aligned towards being asignificant player in the emerging global biopharmaceuticals market. To prepare and maintain required study and regulatory documentation of No duplications and reconciliations for internally generated information, improved customer servicing, cycle time for all business transactions, employee implmeentation, employee morale and working capital management.


Therefore it is left to the researches to what extent they use them. Business Process Re-engineering BPR – An Overview BPR originated in the xt as large enterprises began to explore the potential impact of computers on the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes.

case study sap implementation at wockhardt

If you choose to ignore this message, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on ET CIO. Leveraging Technology for Digital Transformation. A Jordian Case study. Wockhardt Hospitals CIO Sumit Singh and his team were asked to come up with a technology enabled solution that would help the organisation to simplify its time consuming lengthy and complex manual process of dealing with cost analysis.

Wockhardt: Creating a Healthier World with SAP Solutions

As per the Global Industry classification standard and the Industry Classification benchmark, the healthcare industry got broadly classified in to two main groups. ERP at Wockhart – Download as Researchers can use case study Wockhardtsfuture plans with SAP include:. Production Planner Global Supply Chain