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Application of lorawan technology in precision beekeeping Orderer: October, , Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, agrosym gmail. Eftimova Elena, Pacinovski N. National centre for agricultural sciences-Sofia, Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and agriculture Date and place: Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Pacinovski N.

Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy goats breeds Lecturer: Productivity and nutritive value of forest pastures in north-eastern Algeria Orderer: Egyptian Association of sheep, goats and desert animals. President of the Organizing Committee Organizer: Sheep and Goat Breeding Institution: Title of the event: Production results of early weaned lambs from Domestic merinized sheep in Macedonia Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans, Vol.

Alexandar Makedonski, BB, 8.

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The accuracy of A4 and AC methods for determining lactation in control currculum in threefold milking of Awassi Republic of Macedonia Decision No. A Comparative research of the gain and the slaughter quality of the lambs of the Domestic merinized sheep and its crossbreeds with the Chios and Sardinian sheep.

Primenata na nekoi hemoterapevtici pri pojavata na koliinfekcija kaj nesilkite i nivnoto vlijanie vrz proizvodstvoto i pcovisuvaweto.

Regional distribution of cattle, sheep and goat farms in the Rebuplic of Macedonia, according to farm size and breed structure Orderer: Influence of the season and stage of lactation on the milk parameters and urea concentration in milk Holstein cows Orderer: Book of Abstracts, p.


Body Growth of goat kids in organic production Orderer: Member of the Review Commission for selection of Scientific colaborator in the scientific field Technology of milk and 2.

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makedoija Preliminary results on zinc concentration in wild fish tissues in Vardar river, Macedonia Orderer: Sheep and Goat Breeding Address: Programme for creating a reproductive center for Virtemberg Merinolandschaft sheep breed in R. Genetic parameters for reproduction and growth traits in Boer goats in Brazil Orderer: Ilinden, 92A,Skopje, Macedonia Title of the event: Member of the Scientific Board Organizer: Zagreb, Croatia Pacinovski N.

curriculum vitae makedonija

Investment Programme for creating a farm with sheep Impact of oxytocin-milking method on lactation performance and lactation length of sheep Orderer: Editor in Chief Title: Influence of certain factors on the annual milk production of the vita between Awassi and Domestic population of sheep Lecturer: Productivity of milk and milk composition of an indigenous sheep breed in Macedonia Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry vol. Member of the assessment commission on exposed sheep and goats collections Organizer: Ilinden, 92A,Skopje Title: Borovets, Bulgaria Pacinovski N.


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Correlation between certain exterior and production traits in indigenous Balkan goats in Macedonia Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, Vol. Curriculum Vitae Nikola Makedohija. Member of the assessment commission on exposed sheep and goats collections 1. Male Date of birth: Evaluate of abdominal fat in broiler chicken carcass by different genotype and diet composition Lecturer: Intensity of growth, productivity and body condition score of young breeding animals of the Thracian Merino breed.

Egyptian Association of sheep, goats and desert animals. Effect of parity, season and test day on daily productivity of East Friesian ewes in Macedonia Lecturer: BAH9, Rev ; 37 Suppl. Member of the Organizing Committee 9.

curriculum vitae makedonija

Ilinden, 92A,Skopje, Macedonia Date and place: