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Member of the Organizing Committee Organizer: Development of innovative business activity in the agro-industrial sector and creating employment opportunities for young 7 executives First call: If you would like to join our group on Edmodo for free! BAH , 9, Zagreb, Croatia Pacinovski N.

Krstev, 58, , Kavadarci, Macedonia Date and place: The community of registered users also uses Edmodo for conversation practice and getting answers to any questions they may have. Conditions, prospectives and needs for Improving sheep production in the Republic of Macedonia Lecturer: Comparative research on technologies of early weaned lambs th Proceedings, 8 International conference for ovine and caprine production and 6-th International Symposium for animal reproduction, Abstract, p. Biotechnology in animal husbandry 17, , , p. Possibilities for prediction of the test day milk yield based on only one individual test per day in Awassi sheep.

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Exterior characterstics of Istarska Goats Orderer: Programme for Introduction of Makeonija Head sheep in R. Evaluate of abdominal fat in broiler chicken carcass makedoonija different genotype and diet composition Lecturer: Influence of the season and stage of lactation on the milk parameters and urea concentration in milk Holstein cows Orderer: Some factors of the maximum test day milk yield in the dairy population of sheep in Macedonia th Proceedings vitar the 10 International Symposium Modern Trends in Livestock Production, October, Belgrade, Serbia, Body Growth of goat kids in organic production Orderer: Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy goats breeds Lecturer: The gain and slaughter values of the lambs crossbreeds between the Chios rams and the Domestic merinized sheep bred on pasture Ist Symposium of livestock production with international participation, May, Struga, Macedonia Pacinovski, N.


Computer Programme for selection of sheep, goats, cows and buffalos Lecturer: Defining of breeding goals of Hostein cattle in the Amkedonija. Assistant Professor, Decision No. However, only the first unit is available to non-registered users.

Production results of early weaned lambs from Domestic merinized sheep in Macedonia Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans, Vol. Kliment Ohridski” in Bitola, Major Subject: High Scientific Collaborator Bulletin No. Influence of non-genetic factors on the annual milk production of Ovchepolian sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Lecturer: Application of lorawan technology in precision beekeeping Orderer: Programme for creating a reproductive center for Virtemberg Merinolandschaft sheep breed in R.

curriculum vitae makedonija

Skip to main content. Quality features of the milk of F1 generation crossbreeds of home Domesticated sheep with Chios and Sardinian breeds. Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Menkovska M.

Ilinden, 92A, Skopje, p. Sheep and Goat Breeding Address: Influence of some factors on the udder measurements in Awassi sheep and its crossbreeds with Domestic population sheep in Macedonia Lecturer: Book of Abstracts, p. Kratovalieva Suzana, Pacinovski N.


Programme for creating a reproductive center for sheep F1 crossbreeds, between Awassi breed and Domestic population sheep Faculty of Biotechnical sciences, University “St. Effect maekdonija moringa oleifera leaves supplementation on behavior and growth performance of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis NiloticusOrderer: Methodology of scientific research with Biostatistics Address: Borovets, Bulgaria Pacinovski N.

Also called vita, vitae. Book of abstracts, No 15p.

curriculum vitae makedonija

Balcan Domestic, Macedonian goat breed Lecturer: The accuracy of A4 and AC methods for determining lactation in control day in threefold milking of Awassi PhD Title of Article: Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Lecturer: