• June 24, 2019

My goal is to instil a level of importance and confidence into my students. I use the suggested student work portfolios found on ACARA when planning for summative assessment and when reporting on student successes. During practicum I communicated with students in a personal and professional manner. I have already demonstrated during practicum a sound understanding and implementation of SACE and AC curriculums and a familiarity with proficiency standards and marking rubrics. I view cross curriculum learning as a priority and I do so by ensuring my students are competent writers and mathematically to standard.

Within this setting students acquire and develop the skills which will enable them to develop themselves into good citizens and active members of their respected communities. I determined and acknowledged the different learning styles and abilities of students. I remain affirmative in often difficult situations and seek to place students on the correct path. I have and will always provide students with a dynamic range of experiences outside of everyday learning, in order to assist them develop not only as learners but as people in society. These discussions allowed for a collaborative approach between parent and student so that the work could be completed to standard. These skills need to be tailored to the audience and include active listening, speed of speech, negotiation and correct use of language.

The Australian Curriculum outlines what learning will occur and the TfEL framework provides guidelines and practical support to teachers for the delivery of that learning. Personal Statement Working Relationships: Along with these attributes, I have an enthusiastic personality.

I am able to engage with parents and caregivers in a constructive and timely manner and believe that the lines of communication between all parties must be open and honest, in order to be effective, productive and long lasting. I aim to make myself available to all students in the class at all times. I combine pedagogy and teaching by using the latest applications in educational technologies in a learner-centred manner. Email required Address never made public.


Personal Statement | Meika Bradley

I am able to engage on a professional level with all staff and believe I communicate in a professional and effective manner at all times. Students are reminded of safe work practices by discussing issues such as harassment and discrimination, including cyber bullying.

I actively facilitate this by supporting students with both school and everyday life matters. I interactively draw diagrams and explain them on the projector via a tablet.

Personal Statement

Consistent praise and feedback is paramount to my pedagogy. I aim to make me lessons as interactive as possible. You are commenting using your Google account.

I regularly use positive reinforcement and praise, in the confidence that my students will continually display the desired behaviours I have modelled as their educator. I promote individuality and innovation in my classroom.

I am passionate about teaching and I am keen to become a sgatement of your school community.

Whilst teaching at Adelaide High School I used the schools Behavioural Management policy to support my classroom practice. As such I have prepared assessment rubrics and standards and have successfully linked them with my created units, vecd and worksheets within these subject areas.

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When developing a learning sequence I examplea the Learning by Design pedagogy and placemat to illustrate how a particular activity sequence aligns itself with the four knowledge principles of experiencing, conceptualising, analysing and applying.

I understand the importance of collecting quality assessment information that provides evidence of achievement towards standards, so that reporting is accurate and meaningful. I use this large array of scientific knowledge to teach the curriculum in an engaging way.


decd personal statement examples

I actively seek to forge networks with other teachers through online groups and forums as well as conferences. Within this setting students acquire and develop the skills which will enable them to develop themselves into good citizens and active members of their respected communities.

Notify me of new comments via email. I understand the importance of using a variety of approaches to ensure different needs are catered for. As a classroom teacher I will participate in multiple forms of communication such as face-face conferences, telephone, email and daymap.

decd personal statement examples

I see school exchanges as great learning opportunities for students. In my classroom I encourage student participation and involvement in all activities. I aspire to create a learning environment in which my students feel valued, safe and motivated.

Personal Statement – Emmanuel Mangas

I provide my students with supervision at all times, act with courtesy and compassion and am an advocate for pdrsonal learners. I acknowledge that every student is different and cater for their abilities. I displayed genuine interest and concern in the students as individuals, which allowed for strong relationships to be formed. I use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically by complying with school user agreements.

I statmeent clarification from other staff as needed and also offer support and assistance to other colleagues. I identify intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in my students and give positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviours.