• June 24, 2019

Do not include works in the reference list that you have not cited in the text. It may also be helpful to have one or more readers who are unfamiliar with the research look at the document for errors. This page MUST have original signatures. For example, some errors result in an acceptable English word, but not the correct one in the context of the subject matter, as in on-no, read-reed, site-cite, etc. This time selecting the standard numerals format i. Left hand margins must be one and one-half inches.

Your thesis will only have 2 sections. Committee members may assist with proofreading, but the accuracy and completion of the thesis is ultimately your responsibility. Your manuscript must be proofread even after doing a spell check. The first item listed in the Table of Contents is the abstract if included , then the acknowledgments page which is optional , etc. Any variation of the quality of paper, page size, or reproductive process to accommodate illustrations and supplementary materials should have the approval of your committee chair. All ec senior thesis Graduate Program Introduction. Rhetoric and Technical Communication Thesis Guidelines The research thesis aims to apply concepts, principles, and theories that you learned in your courses to a research problem.

The requirements for the thesis are as follows: Check words containing ei or ie. The format illustrated must be precisely followed. How rhetorically effective is the article in terms language, organization, and argument? Sample Abstract Page 4. Do not use other Services. All members of the thesis committee, including the outside or third member, must be able to read and critically review the manuscript.


Most simple errors found in thesis copies are in page numbering, especially in the preliminary pages.

EWU | Rhetoric and Technical Communication Thesis Guidelines

Check equ thesis to see that all the pages are included and numbered correctly. These documents must be submitted electronically. All ec senior thesis Graduate Program Introduction.

For help with this process, please call the Graduate Studies office at or visit us in Showalter Hall, room for assistance. In almost all cases, the “real audience” for your thesis will be determined by the journal selected.

Font Use the same style of type or print thessis the manuscript. Please remember that the purpose of this page is to recognize those who most contributed to the research and writing of the document.

Once your thesis has been submitted to Graduate Studies no changes can be made. Locate captions according to the standard of the publication style that is being used for the thesis. To number your first section: Captions should match the type or print style used in the main text. See page 21 of this guide for information and for exact details on binding and printing.

ewu thesis guidelines

Tables and figures should be inserted as soon as possible following their first mention in the text, but no later than the page immediately following the mention.

The use of different typefaces, such as bolding and italics, is strictly limited. It is your responsibly to follow the requirements below or you will have to reprint your thesis. If the “Link to Previous” located in the “Navigation” portion of the design tab is selected you can leave it selected. You can expedite clearance by the graduate school by letting thePre-Submission. The thesis must be written in English. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the document submitted meets these standards.


A blank line on the signature page will not be accepted. You will need to review related literature, define the ewwu of the study, determine the theoretical approach for guideilnes the guidelinex, and synthesize findings into a logical, compelling, and rhetorically persuasive argument that contributes new insight about the problem.

Captions and Illustrations Captions should match the type or print style used in the main text. Tables should be uniformly titled and numbered at the top and figures are captioned at the bottom. guodelines

Thesis graduate thesis?

Thesis At a Glance. The thesis is a formal paper with a definite purpose The Doctoral Thesis.

ewu thesis guidelines

Styles differ considerably between disciplines, and may also vary within a discipline. Helpful style manuals and writing guides are available in the bookstore, and professional journals are available in the periodicals section of the JFK Library.