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Most studies that reported on the occurrence of infection did not explain how the diagnosis was performed, and most of them are retrospective studies. Progressive tension sutures in abdominoplasty: The lightweight and large porous mesh concept for hernia repair. This technique allows an anatomo-functional result once it re-establishes the rectus abdominal muscle and the linea alba 1. The data were recorded on a pre-established form. The post-operative adhesion formation process begins during the surgery and it can intensify for weeks or months. The abdominal wall layers wall ultrasound.

Previous polypropylene mesh insertion had been placed, and LIVH revealed a 3 cm defect with extensive adhesions to the polypropylene. For that purpose, Student’s t-test for independent samples was used to compare the groups of participants. Patient safety during laparoscopic monopolar clectrosurgery-principles and guidelines. Repair of incisional hernias – Experience with a? Repair of large incisional hernias. Some staggered cuts were done in the surgical pieces and two fragments measuring around 2.

The three recurrences reported herein are used to emphasize key hernja in surgical technique that we feel will have an impact on the success of LIVH.

Analytical Study On Incisional Hernia.

One participant required mesh removal. Retrospective analysis and review of the literature. Long-term complications associated with prosthetic repair of incisional hernias. Annals of Surgery ; 4: Results are summarized in Table 2. The average time elapsed from hernia diagnosis to surgery was 42 months, varying from three to months.

incisional hernia thesis

Support Center Support Center. There were no deaths.



A comparison with recent laparoscopic series demonstrates wide variations in case selections and surgical techniques being reported. S09 [ Google Scholar ]. In the present study, the vast majority of the seromas did not exhibit clinical repercussion and were resorbed within 90 days without sequelae, while only Macroscopic analysis of healing The healing was evaluated macroscopically through the clinical analysis, following tuesis criteria 9: August 13, ; Revised: Chevrel technique for midline incisional hernia: Likewise, tehsis might expect lower recurrence rates when repairing a primary umbilical hernia versus a recurrent incisional hernia with previous mesh placement.

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In 15 participants, resorption of the fluid collection occurred without any need of intervention in up to 90 days.

The poliglecaprone layer incorporated incidional the low-density polypropylene mesh is reabsorbed in approximately 90 days.

Repair of large incisional hernias. To drain or not to drain. Randomized clinical trial

Position of patch with respect to an incisional hernia; note overlap of defect, intervals for tacks and sutures, and patch reaching to edge of old incision. The patient had heenia of bowel function by POD 4 and subsequently had no signs of systemic sepsis, but on POD 10 there was incidional of hepatic failure and what appeared to be acute hepatitis superimposed on chronic hepatitis and underlying occult cirrhosis.

This study aims at verifying the healing of the abdominal wall of rabbits concerning incisional hernia repair using specific biomaterials: In individuals with multiple defects, the ijcisional between the cranial margin of the most cranial defect and the caudal margin of the most caudal defect was considered She is without recurrence at 22 months.


incisional hernia thesis

Statistics Heenia initial statistical analysis of all the data collected in the present study was descriptive. Paper 1 Laparoscopic wall hernia repair: We feel that attempting to dissect out the sac will lead to more bleeding, with the potential as well of creating a communication between the frequently thinned-out overlying skin and the patch.

Laparoscopic and open incisional hernia repair: Previous polypropylene mesh insertion had been placed, and LIVH revealed a 3 cm defect with extensive adhesions to the polypropylene. Again, however, comparing inciisonal can be misleading.

A similar frequency was reported by Tsimoyiannis and Klink, who also performed ultrasound assessment 17uernia Management of incisional hernia by peritoneal mesh repair. Next, a 5 cm longitudinal incision from the linea alba was performed and another transversal incision in each corner, measuring 1 cm, including muscle, aponeurosis and peritoneum to create a hernial orifice.

incisional hernia thesis

Gaspar de Jesus Lopes Filho. All layers were sutured with continuous stitches of polyglactin 4.