• June 24, 2019

Do practice of questions of ascending order and descending order. Learn and write Numerals From 1 to Which of them are edible? Collect various samples of wool and silk. Revise the syllabus for FA

Form 4 Chemistry Exercise Cut the following questions separately. Prepare a report on mongooses and snakes. Paste any five fruits and vegetables you like to eat. Paste in your file. Paste any 5 pictures of heavy objects and paste any 5 pictures of lighter objects in comparison of heavy objects. What type of a house do you like to live in, make a model of the house. Paste pictures of 5 animals a Whose ears can be seen b Whose ears cannot be seen Name 5 animals which give birth to babies and which lays eggs.

Collect the leaves, paste them and write the name of the tree in your notebook.

Plant cell and animal cell 3. Revise the syllabus for FA Maximum and minimum temperature of 20 days.

kendriya vidyalaya sector 14 gurgaon holidays homework

Write 10 pages of handwriting. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. To insert blabberize or voki into Powerpoint. Human endocrine system 5.


Find the possible causes and precautions to be taken during burgaon earthquake. Visit any hill station and note the main places on the way and their distances.

kv gurgaon holiday homework

Learn to read small word of all the vowels i. Make a chart of fundamental rights or duties or key features of Indian constitution. Form 4 Chemistry Exercise Cut the following questions separately. Make an observation table. Name ten animals homewofk write the sounds they produce.

Summer break Holiday’s homework 2016

Make videos of it in a CD. Paste any 5 pictures of things which can roll, and 5 pictures of things which can slide. Write the name of Landmark which comes in the way of your school to home. Learn poems from the book: Upload document Create flashcards.

Write the chemical formulae of the following: You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Draw different figures by using matchsticks i Triangle ii Square iii Rectangle iv Pentagon v Hexagon Make a bird or an animal by using different mathematical shapes.


Collect information from your friends and classmates regarding milk teeth in form of table. Also collect and paste the pictures in your file.

kv gurgaon holiday homework

Write a page daily to improve hand writing in cursive writing practice book. Write an application to the Principal for two days sick leave. Write and learn Number names 1 to Paste the five Sense organs. They may enhance their interest and knowledge.

Autumn Break Holiday Homework Kv

Explain the bares of your period section. Past e the pictures of Human Body parts. Make a list of digestive enzymes and write their function in human beings. These days are the golden period for the students as they get maximum time with their parents. Visit to any place and collect the photographs and prepare a yoliday out of them.