• June 24, 2019

Thus both the internal and external PR pros are forced to tread a fine line, acknowledging that the city is a great place for a vacation with the kids, while emphasizing that Las Vegas is primarily a destination for those 21 and over. It is the experiences that travelers gain while they are travelling. A limited time offer! Las Vegas Case Study. A real marketing approach must be constantly evaluated and reacts to the current environment. Las Vegas has well positioned itself as a destination of adult freedom which differentiates itself from other states around the nation. In addition, many companies now use social media and apps to create customer relationships and solutions to better serve their customers.

In addition, LVCVA could attract parties to hold international trade shows and conventions in the city. Rising oil prices will result in higher airfare which reduces both business and leisure travelers. The Vegas visitors want to feel a little naughtier and less inhibited and that is what their customers are buying. As Las Vegas adds even more attractions to its bright lights and nonstop action, the media just can’t seem to get enough – a challenge the Convention and Visitors Authority gladly welcomes. By talking to their old and potential customers, they learned the core customer value.

A diverse objective is not just concentrating on developing the global tourist and business visitor industries; it will work on attracting different types of companies and businesses.

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But this positioning is less convincing to people with the perception of the well-established image of Vegas. Because of the constant research and surveys, LVCVA was able to react quickly with their repositioning as well as maintain product benefits sudy the customers. Nearly a decade ago, some Las Vegas resorts added theme-park-like attractions and began marketing themselves to families. Unfortunately, the recent recession hit Las Vegas tourism industry badly.


Just like Disneyland will produce new rides or re-decorate the theme parks for holidays.

las vegas case study lvcva

As the income of the Chinese increase, they will want to travel outside of China. Places are included in the concept of product. It was a story the media quickly picked up on, and has been covering off and on ever since.

In addition, many companies now use social media and apps to create customer relationships and solutions to better serve their customers. The campaign went very well and the tourism industry rose dramatically.

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And that represents its ability to face the upcoming challenges and changes. Although the strong brand experience has boosted the presence of Vegas around the world, it also destroys other economic opportunities for the city and makes the city difficult to react during economic changes. The consumption-oriented industries concentration makes Las Vegas less competitive casf attract these business companies.

Although a slow recovery has appeared in the past year, the figures are not the same compared to the time before the recession. Also, the city should encourage their citizens to learn a second language and that could possibly create a business opportunity for private language schools.

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las vegas case study lvcva

This proves the strength of the Vegas vegs image which provides its consumers a consistent meaning and helps them identify the products that benefits them. However, one-sided brand positioning became a detriment as Las Vegas moves forward.

The world-wide brand image of Las Vegas strengthens its position in the tourism industry.


Smartphones are widely used by individuals. Especially, Las Vegas was established by various consumption-oriented industries where gaming, tourism, business convention and luxury retailing take place.

Moreover, this thoughtful brand image has been well established because Las Vegas was named as the number two hottest brand by brand consultancy Landor Associate. The existing image will be an issue to project a full recovery after the recession. Las Vegas should provide a consistent image as well as consistent innovative products and services offerings for their consumers. Longer stays would involve more spending and activities; Thus, revenues for the state.

When marketing a city, a diverse objective would be beneficial. Included under the LVCVA is the Las Vegas News Bureau, a small group that produces and distributes photos of local events, delivers press kits to journalists, organizes media trips, and maintains a year archive of photos of the city.

Most importantly, international travelers are most likely to stay longer than travelers from other states.

las vegas case study lvcva

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ORGANIZATION CASE STUDY: LVCVA shows that Sin City is more than fun and games

Moreover, the income and activities in China are growing rapidly in recent years. Rising oil prices will result in higher airfare which reduces both business and leisure travelers.

Innovation in technology for the casino business would be another opportunity to attract tourists or gamers.