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Quality of context, Quality criterion, Context management, Meta-modelling, Information model In the last decade, several works proposed their own list of quality of context QoC criteria. The value of local lag is usually fixed for a game session. MuScADeL allows designers to abstractly define deployment properties without exact knowledge of the devices and networks the system will be deployed on. Taking into account the quality of context data becomes a corner stone of an efficient context management. Improved Salary Survey on dissertation Way.

We show the utility of our approach through a use case in the context of Cloud computing. As in the IoT producers and consumers of context are decoupled, they are not aware of each other. This approach takes into account the underlying network latency and the semantics of the game virtual world to dynamically decide whether a rollback is needed in case inconsistencies have occurred or can be possibly avoided. In order to illustrate our approach, we propose a use case that specializes our autonomic infrastructure to ensure the elasticity of Service-based Business Processes SBPs. User preferences, Device selection, Multimedia user tasks, Pervasive environments With an increasing number of devices having varying capabilities and with different types of network access mechanisms, an ordinary user will consider various tradeoffs for selecting one particular device over the other for execution of his task in an ad hoc environment. Existing distributed deployment solutions are usable only within static and reliable topologies of hosts, where a man in charge of the deployment has to describe more or less manually the topology.

The word “multiscale” may qualify various distributed systems according to different viewpoints such as their geographic dispersion, the networks they are deployed on, or their users’ organizations. We extend the two contributions to couple monitoring and reconfiguration in order to add self management capabilities to SCA-based applications and Cloud resource. Step count is another factor that should be taken into account.

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Agents are assembled from fine-grained reusable components, called micro-components, which implement non-functional mechanisms interaction capabilities, mobility, adaptation skills We also extend the requirements of distributed routing to deal with multiscoping.


The framework assembles these units with a set of well-identified architectural design patterns.

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Moreover, user tasks in pervasive environments are challenged by the dynamism of their execution environments. In the current work, we concentrate only the aspects related to applying persuasion for achieving the goal of becoming active. The realized experiments proves the efficiency of our solution. We provide an SCA service component architecture specification to describe the autonomic container and some implementations details.

If a component is not monitorable or reconfigurable by default, we propose a procedure that transforms it to respond to components requests. Distributed interactive application, Multiplayer mobile games, Consistency, Synchronization, Medium In Distributed Interactive Applications DIA such as multiplayer games, where many participants are involved in a same game session and communicate through a network, they may have an inconsistent view of the virtual world because of the communication delays across the network.

The technical and pedagogical evaluation of the authors’ platform has been done with students in real life conditions, during a period dedicated to a project to create innovative business.

les critères didentification du contrat administratif dissertation

Partition detection, Failure detector, Mobile networks, Distributed algorithms In mobile environment, nodes can move around and voluntarily leave or join the network. However, in a pervasive environment, such applications cannot be described statically in terms of the required components. In ubiquitous environments, mobile applications should sense and react to environmental changes to provide a better user experience.

Tokens called trains rotate in parallel between participating processes distributed on a virtual ring. These contracts are then translated didenrification advertisement and subscription filters to determine how to distribute context data. These concepts constitute the core of a dedicated metamodel. Interoperability in pervasive environments.

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Autonomic computing implies the ability of the administatif cations to automatically and dynamically manage their services to respond to the captured changes. PSM game design results in an educational and entertaining game which is much more attractive than the plain old treasure hunt proposed by several museums. In this paper, we present a dynamic and adaptable approach for local-lag and dead-reckoning in which the algorithm’s parameters are changed according to the changing and unpredictable network and game environment.


Location being a typical example of context information, we manipulate it using the COSMOS framework that led develop for the management of context data and their associated quality meta-data or quality of context QoC.

Internet of things, Privacy, Middleware, Model driven engineering, Trust The Internet of Things IoT is a novel paradigm, which basic idea is the pervasive presence around us of a variety of things or objects that are able to interact with each other and cooperate with their neighbors by sharing data, directly acquired by measuring some facts, in order to reach common goals.

These data are used to adapt applications to changing execution contexts.

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However, making the manipulation of context information efficient is still an important issue. We model both the user task and the underlying network services, along with service requirements, user preferences and device capabilities, as graphs. Context-aware computing, Context contract, Context modeling, Quality of context, Privacy, Trust With the Internet of Things IoT paradigm, potentially private data could be made available on the Internet.

We present extensive performance results in terms of memory and processing time of both elementary context management operations and the whole context policy implementing the Flash sale application. Existing approaches mostly consider only functional aspects for service and component matching and do not consider various non-functional aspects such as user preferences, device capabilities in terms of software and dissertatiin, and network heterogeneity of devices. The level of details of these indications and their form depend on the QoC of the location information.

Moreover, we consider the QoC as a factor affecting the privacy of individuals. For description of application composition extended SCA model is used.