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The Chinese companies have the ability to produce products at short notice which earns them a competitive advantage. Answer the questions which are given below: Jouranls of achievement in materials and manufacturing, 35 2 , It can also mean doing what you were hired to do—taking pride in your work, being friendly and doing your job consistently well. AKH is committed to venture out into the changing and challenging global market as a leading enterprise in the world apparel industry by satisfying its valued customers. To use the working hours efficiently, some employers set production targets for the workers. Insufficient knowledge about TQM.

They reasoned, a single set of factors should influence movement back and forth along the continuum. Scatter diagram Pareto Analysis Technique that displays the degree of importance for each element. Motivation factors are achievement, recognition, the work itself, responsibility, and advancement and growth. Respondents were purposively selected for interviewing using semi-structured questionnaire from 2 factories. As a result, Ho is rejected and H1 is accepted, which means that the employees of the RMG sector of AKH group are dissatisfied in those cases of services. The cause of poor nutritional status: To find out the problems and prospects of compliance in garment industry.

From the result we observed that below respondents are lower satisfied than respondents; the expected no of the respondents the standard deviation of lowest throughand highest through are 0. Various studies have been conducted to find out the factors which determine job satisfactions and the way it influences productivity in the organization. If the source of the problem is not corrected, the problem will continue. Collective labour law involves relationships between the union, the employer and the litsrature.

Thus, job satisfaction and work motivation were seen as dual-structure phenomena.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

According to Mersha, TQM is an approach to doing business that attempts to maximize the competitiveness of llterature organization through the continual improvement of the quality of its products, services, people, processes, and environments.


Women constituted almost two-thirds of the study populations presented in the studies. As a result of researchers were prevented from visiting the factory.

Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic review

It applies to all workers, and the new sections relevant to the garment industry include written contracts and identity cards, timely payment of wages, revised minimum wage, paid maternity leave and explicit laws against sexual harassment. Yes, but not regularly j. A structured sfctor was employed to collect all necessary primary data. Owners of RMG factories and government can seek help from those bodies to improve the standard of environment as well as products of theie industries.

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In cutting section quality is insure in two stages: From the result we observed that divorced respondents are higher satisfied than married and unmarried respondents; the education qualification of the respondents the standard deviation of literate, under SSC, SSC and HSC are 0.

An increasing number of organizations in developing countries are practicing Total Quality Management TQM in order to generate improvements in performance and remain competitive. Second, are the reasons for poor health status-related solely to their occupation? Therefore, the limitations of this paper might encourage the future researchers to conduct more work in this field particularly in those countries not yet represented in the international literature and, extending searches to other industries such as textiles and vulnerabilities such as home versus work related to the nature of the factory work they are involved in.

Compared to Bangladesh, India and China, exports of Pakistan textiles are not praiseworthy. Bangladesh is now in great competition.


Alam suggested regulatory measures and its strict implementation and monitoring by the government agency that could overcome work place in security problem of garments workers in Bangladesh. To gain knowledge about the TQM practices in the garment sector of Bangladesh.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Yes, once a year on averaged. The research could bring on more facts on quality management if more personnel could be interviewed.

Banglaresh quality management is a business approach aiming at providing quality products to achieve customer satisfaction Asiya Gul, The findings revealed that the technical tools of quality improvement may be well developed but its theory and practice lag far rg. At this circumstance labour dissatisfaction and unrest is a concerning issues in this sectors. Does the top management spend time with front line employees face-to- face?

Prevalence of different kinds of health problems: Chaudhury, Rafiqul Huda To focus on how physical settings i.

Kanban vs Scrum — how to make the best of both 1. It means to make various types of dress by cloth and thread to sell in the local market as well as in the global market.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

They must always remember that they would not be in business if it were not for their customers Sanders, Distribution of Mean and Standard Deviation: The research findings indicate that bangladesy which adopted TQM as a working philosophy within their organizations can make improvement in product quality.