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The distributions of sponsored numbers, amounts, types, agencies, disciplines and changes in research topics by means of network profiles were described. Histopathology reveals extensive fibrocalcific reaction of the walls and ducts resulting in stricture formation of bile causing cholelithiasis. The nature of qualitative construction partnering research: As the field of schistosomiasis research rapidly advances, it is likely to become increasingly reliant on omics, transgenics, epigenetics, and microbiome-related research approaches. According to Mubila and Rollinson [ 30 ], the prevalence of S.

Thus, we used the method of systematic literature review to analyze 42 empirical articles. Plain x-ray, Ultrasound and CT findings are discussed. Urine specimen from these patients showed microhematuria, pyuria and eggs of Schistosoma haematobium. Research has been done to identify the critical factors for an effective implementation of EIA. The intestinal form infects the intestine, liver and spleen and can be fatal.

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

Br J Cancer ; Except for studies conducted by Simoonga et al. The speedy rate of change in the haemstobium and socio-economics factors may increase the incidence, prevalence and risk of schistosomiasis infections in Zambia.

This study aims to identify the research areas and to propose a research agenda for RE, based on a systematic literature review that encompasses studies from to Bull NY Acad Med ; Parasitologic survey of schistosomiasis due to Schistosoma mansoni in Katana, Democratic Republic of Congo. A practical guide to the standardized use of ultrasonography for the assessment of schistosomiasis-related morbidity.


literature review on schistosoma haematobium

The first objective of the Literature Review and Gap Analysis LRGA collaboration was to identify the existing body of literature related specifically to human exposure to tire crumb materials through the use of synthetic turf athletic fields and playgrounds.


Methods Literature search strategy A literature search was conducted in PubMed to identify relevant original articles related to schistosomiasis in the DRC, published between January i.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

F1 progeny snails were highly compatible with the parasite from the local area. The recently made evaluation of those two programmes is the main focus of this paper. The current study used an information-theoretical approach literture understand the biogeography and prevalence schistosomiasis and identified knowledge gaps that would be useful to improve policy towards surveillance and eradication of intermediate hosts snails in Zambia.

To set up and apply the evaluation standards for photography of schistosomiasis control theme, so as to offer the scientific advice for enriching the health information carrier of schistosomiasis control. Litegature factors for EIA implementation: The control of schistosomiasis in certain countries and the subsequent decrease in the intensity of infestation showed changing of features approaching that of urothelial tumors.

Literzture J Gynaecol Obstet. In 2 cases the eggs were surrounded by epithelioid cells and showed foreign body giant cell reaction. Furthermore, infection with S.

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

The effect of seasonal loterature, ecology and the environment on schistosomiasis transmission in Zambia remains poorly understood. The findings showed that overall publications in the field of photographic tourism increa However, cases of re-infection and drug efficacy continue to be debated [ 2728 ] and this may be exacerbated by future climate change which may potentially proliferate Schistosoma production [ 127 ].

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

Gillet J, Wolfs J. We found studies by authors from 17 southern and eastern African countries covering 13 topics. Multiple endoscopic polypectomies for litertaure polyposis of the colon.


Schistosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a literature review

Based on the data, we subsequently derive a framework for identifying research gaps in qualitative literature reviews and achistosoma its application with an example. Published online Apr Although chemotherapy will play an increasing role in control, its importance will depend on local conditions: A total of persons were co-authored in these 94 publications, and Wang, Zhou and Zhang ranked top 3 authors in number of publications.

A late complication in an affected bladder is often a bladder carcinoma. In spite of the efforts performed, much is still needed to explore the presence or absence of reviiew carcinogenic difference with a different etiology.

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The content analysis led to classification of literature on the basis of six categories viz. Full Text Available This case report refers to a year old patient with prostate cancer associated with schistosomiasis mansoni, who was submitted to radical prostatectomy. It is particularly linked to agricultural and water development schemes and is typically a disease of the poor who live in conditions that favour transmission and have no access to proper care or effective prevention measures.

Subsequently, these were linked to the respective prevalences reported for that location. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI findings have provided valuable information in addition to ultrasound and clinical examination. Journal List Parasit Vectors v.