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As this quote says, she has pushed so many people to try to do the impossible and push them to their full potential. Nadia started practising them at an early age. Leave a comment Comments 0. The torch begins its journey across London”. She entered the European championships in May of that year and won four gold medals and one silver medal. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

People died every day trying to defect. Along with being extremely talented, she was actually only 14 years old when she won all of these awards! But she recovers quickly and continues on with her near-perfect beam routine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The following night she continued her streak, earning perfect scores for her performances on the uneven bars and balance beam. By the age of six, she was already hooked on gymnastics.

I never heard from him again, but I hope he is well nadua thank him for his help. Nothing could have been further from the truth. As a result of the Soviet invasion of AfghanistanPresident Jimmy Carter declared that the United States would boycott the Olympics several other countries also participated in the boycott, though the reasons varied.

This naddia was last edited on 20 Mayat Retrieved December 19, He and his wife were looking for youngsters for the National Junior Team and he decided she had potential.


Nadia Comaneci

She also got two silver medals. Why was this an amazing sports event you may wonder? Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year.

nadia comaneci essay

So far, she has not performed a single trick that involves putting pressure on her pained wrist. Retrieved March 9, When recess ended, the girls ran inside. As a rising star, she was very young.

Nadia Com─âneci

At the age of 19, she participated in her last major competition. Retrieved May 18, from Encyclopedia.

Modern Language Association http: Standing next comandci her on the winners’ stand after they both won silver cups was an year-old American, Bart Connerwho was also heading for the Olympics.

Amy Van Dyken The difficulty of her performances and the high level of her technical execution resulted in a redefinition of the sport and of judges’ and viewers’ expectations of women’s gymnastics. Nadia slightly presses down on both hands to reach a sitting position, causing her to feel another shock of immense pain through her wrist.

I didn’t know that, but he promised to help me get settled, and I guess I just accepted his involvement in my future career as fair payment for the risks he’d taken.

nadia comaneci essay

Her pace magnifies her balance. The spectators were confused at first by the way the score was displayed, however once they realized what it represented they were amazed by the achievement. Shortly before attending the Olympic Games as a honored guest who traveled with the Romanian delegation that were held in Los AngelesCalifornia, she officially retired from gymnastics.


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In all, Comaneci earned seven perfect scores and won gold medals for the all-around competition, the balance beam, and the uneven bars.

It was covered in several newspapers as well as magazines, both nationally and internationally.

Gymnast of international order. Most 10 scores at olympics: The fact that this is still a topic referenced currently demonstrates its monumental importance and influence on sports.

Nadia Comaneci — ‘I didn’t think winning Olympics would be such big deal’

I comanedi I can understand why Nadia said what she did Nadia was the first gymnast who scored a perfect tenseven times in the Olympic games. Nadia received a 9. The summer Olympic games were approaching, and Comaneci wanted to be ready. She winces a couple of times, with her wrist in much pain. It was televised live throughout Romania, and their reception was held in the former presidential palace.