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It is a philosophy, a learning theory, an approach to teaching-learning process, but its implementation is a pedagogic challenge to teachers. Do not do only research. To introduce meaning of Curricular Engagement. Explanation plays vital role in the research report writing. Plan and Procedure Selection of Sample for this Study For the purpose of this study, Kolhapur district was the population of study.

Education Content need through Phase 2. Inclusive education is one of the best methods for inculcating universal human values in both children with special needs as well as in normal students. Similarly subjectively per cared, but also includes relatively objective characteristics of the source or message. A World of Report? Knowledge should be applicable.

Inclusive education means all students attend and are welcomed by their neighborhood schools in age appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute, and participate in all aspects of the life of the school. Learning theory of the future or restige of the past? This being the main function of law, it absorbs all the essential tools from every field of study with a critical outlook.

Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool.


Regular teachers and mobile teachers are facing various nnagina. Behind this dimension, reason is research is conveying message. Constructivist pedagogy is related to thinking process of the students.

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It is a philosophy, a learning theory, an approach to teaching-learning process, but its implementation is rsearch pedagogic challenge to teachers.

It is need to that society, which are waiting for good development in the concept of equity and equality in multicultural society. Behind this dimension, reason is research is conveying message. Help Center Find new research papers in: Hence, this is our duty to follow students need, their future and hopefully facilitate them.

nagina mali research paper

Moreover, after that, they conveys message for good development. Although value education is the responsibility of both parent and public, the school, due to its institutionalized nature, ought to take the major responsibility.

Mostly problems related to time and classroom management. Quality checking Phase 5. It should helpful in this context. Achievement demonstrates the competence of individuals, according to the standards of society.

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Thesis or Research papers also. Just see the exact situation has presented in the research. Many definitions of Curricular Engagement: Curricular Engagement is methodological term that fills gap between school and society. It is start form topic selecting to ending of research even presenting our views also.


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Phase wise responsibilities of teachers and students has given below- Page52 Published By: Click here to sign up. The present study is delimited for only Marathi medium primary schools in Kolhapur district. Present study included regular teachers who teach in inclusive classrooms. Constructivist pedagogy is performing crucial role in construction of knowledge society. Analysis of Data Stimulation, self-direction, achievement, power, security, conformity, traditions, universalism, benevolence, hedonism, justice, honesty, faith, service, freedom, integrity, peace, trust, caring, loyalty, love, non-violence, sympathy these are universal human values included in education.

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge. Descriptive statistics in the form of frequencies were used to analyze the data.

A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. Mentoring is identical part of the research.

nagina mali research paper

It also control our body. The result of present study is significant to: