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The DVD also has extensive contextual materials about each film, including essays, commentary tracks, and preservation notes. This essay will survey the tools and methods available to process digital audiovisual content; evaluate ethical concerns inherent in these approaches; and interview archivists and technologists who have put these tools into practice. The preservation of American local television news has a precarious past. Tuesday, April 4 9: Is there a sustainable model out there? Read about some of her findings at wnyc.

Screening of ‘The Case of the Borrowed Baby Read about some of her findings at wnyc. Rhiannon Bettivia Finding Lost Sound. The result is a curated series and a discussion on the role of the archive as gatekeeper, cause and symptom of the social limitations of our access to film histories. In she organized miap workshop on advertising films for EYE. Jennifer Blaylock Reproducing History: This course will explain the principles of conservation and preservation, and place moving image preservation within the larger context of cultural heritage preservation.

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Class Project Preservation Recommendations: Integrating Digital Technology into Museum Exhibition. Assume responsibility for digital file processing and nyu as thesis miap labeling, housing and filing miap photographic prints ynu digital media. Chris Banuelos Hooked on Codecs: The goal of this research is to break the gendered boundaries of the horror film canon by proposing an intervention, whereby women filmmakers will be inscribed into the history of the genre.

Families accumulate a wide array of artifacts, mementos, and souvenirs that hold a special meaning or reveal a truth about their past, but the longevity of these items is rarely considered when acquired.

Scroll through this page to explore assignments by course and semester. Wilderstein Historic Site and the Tenement Museum.


They must complete at least one of these courses TV Tyesis in the third semester or Film History in the fourthunless they successfully petition for exemption from one of these requirements based on prior coursework. Taylor Criterion Goes to the Movies: Students in this course will learn about describing and managing moving image collections through metadata, or “data about data”.

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Topics include how metadata supports various functions in the moving image archives; specific metadata schemes used for describing, providing subject access to and managing moving image resources; the importance of standards for resource description; information needed for preservation of moving image resources; and how metadata is implemented and used in a variety of settings. Monday, March 26 9: By introducing these topics in their first semester, this course provides students with core competencies that will be utilized in subsequent classes in the MIAP program.

Video Preservation II is the second of two courses that give students direct experience with the process of reformatting analog video materials for thesos and access.

nyu miap thesis

This class will prepare incoming first year MIAP students for working with digital technologies throughout their academic and professional careers. Students can share MIAP-related nuy on the listserv by writing to its email address.

He curates nyu eclectic weekly thesis series in San Francisco. Students enrolled in this course will also attend additional lab sessions.

nyu miap thesis

This thesis draws from both theoretical discourse and restoration cases to examine the ways in which restorers have confronted and mitigated the unending ethical and technological obstacles of their practice. As discourse of the sort can tend towards ideology, an understanding the ethical implications miqp film restoration should be achieved through analysis of a diverse set of perspectives and case studies.


Tuesday, April 4 9: Performances of Secular Games.

nyu miap thesis

Various historiographical methods and historical contexts are explored. The consolidation and miao of tools both predicted and in actual use will give archivists a place to start tackling their digital audiovisual backlog. This class will address the use of digital files and infrastructure as preservation media, and will investigate current theories and practices for the conservation and preservation of both digitized and born digital materials.

Further, the thesis explores the challenges of archiving and preserving mixed collections that include home movies, photographs, photo albums, or miaap other audiovisual items.

Nyu miap thesis

Coursework includes students completing a collection assessment as well as a grant proposal for prioritized activities associated with their collection. Read about some of her findings at wnyc. This course will explain the principles of conservation and preservation, and place moving image preservation within the larger context of cultural heritage preservation.

A Look at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Hidden Collections of Improv Comedy Improv comedy is a genre theais performance that, due to its ephemeral nature, may seem antithetical to preservation. The Half-Life and Total Death of Class Project Film Preservation Report: The Case of Rogers v. Miap has appeared on national and thesis television as spokesperson in the field of audio and video preservation.