• June 24, 2019

In my opinion, nowadays the teenage children should be giving the opportunity to make decision in certain manner of their life. As I said before children at this age usually like this. Children may changes in many ways. The Organization of an essay. This really make me to be more mature and independent.

This problem usually occurs among the teenagers. Name a driver you think has done well in his racing career, but??? This is also making children more matured and independence. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Children brought up with a religious background believe prayers are always answered. What do you think?

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Besides that, parents have more experience life than their children. First of all, teenage children have the tendency to live in their own fantasies.

Some people says not because of the friends our children become bad person or something like that, but the reality one friends is the one of the main factors. Besides that, parent will follow and setting ambition for their child so that their child will be a perfect person letter. For example the parents need to choose the best school for their children.

In addition, their parents wants to see their children can should think to be matured and independent. For the first reason, teenage children will experience the biggest changes in their life including their physical, mental and emotional development because of hormonal changes in their body.

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I totally disagree if parents make important decision for them. So, they will follow their friends way. Knw, I feel, in most cases, a person has to make up his own mind after talking to a number of people, including his parents. After that they gave money for expenses and just taught me how to use the money. This is because, when we want to conerned decision, especially the important decision, we want to get the best decision.



I strongly believe that starting with years old, teenagers must start making important decisions up to their own decision. Besides that, I believe that young people should trust their parents because they wish their children only the best in their life. So, as a conclusion, I can say that it is true that adults should made decisions for their teenage children. How about make it original? Need help with geography homework?

Children should also be given the right to choose their career path and live their dreams but the real world experience of parents definitely can’t be put on a back seat. Apart from that, the mother or father wants us to be the best on our life.

Parents know best as far as careers are concerned Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Unfortunately, in some countries, many young people at age of years become the victims of drug and anarchic manipulations and choose to opt out of responsibility.

Despite his parents wanted him to put muett money on the bank account, they let Conxerned to make his own choice how to spend it. As a conclusion what I can said it there have several things that parents can decide for their child but they must know what actually their child want.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Parents are in most cases our first teachers and friends. In addition, it is also the age for the older teenage children to concwrned to be responsible for them. Parents should be involve in this education decision. Then only such a decision can be made so that it proves to be correct for the individual, parents and the nation at large.


More importantly, the children get the need of their families to overcome these failures. It is can shape their children with their parents guide. These decisions are very essential and useful.

Finally, parents should make important decision for their children because people wssay say that by making important decision on their own can make a child mature, but this is not the right time for testing the maturity level. If some family members are not glad with the choice of a marriage partner, it will create some tension in the family. Even though, maybe they will think that this is ridiculous but they did not realize that they did it for their future.

No parents would like to spoil their child’s future by taking a wrong decision. We must thankful to the God because we have both parent who can take care of our life.

Children should realize that parents help them because of their life experience sometimes are able to make more correct decision than a child himself.