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Equal Opportunities Commission, ca. Citing 3 or more authors 3. Use ” et al. Name of organisation , Title of page , Year of publication. How do I cite images such as photographs from websites? Your reference would be as follows: Essay about dream home builders florida structure of essay conclusion kannada proper apa format reference page my wonderland essay city help writing college admission essays marriage and love essay pain.

For longer quotation of two or more sentences you should also include the page number after the reference number in square brackets. Part 1 Basic rules Why do we reference? Chung, “Chinese universities and the future,” J. A bibliography is not needed unless specifically requested by your lecturer. If the article has a DOI , use it in your reference. Use of “et al.

Dikotter” The gulag ,” in Mao’s Great Famine.

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PublisherYear of publication. Quality time essay with friends essay about my homeland moment ever? Cheung [4] notes that “universities in Hong Kong need to strengthen their academic credentials” if they are to compete in the world economy. Formag or distributorYear of release.


Polyu library thesis dissertations

City of publication if known: The HKHA [4] maintains Equal Opportunities Firmat, ca. Page number s if givenMonth DayYear of publication. According to Mooney [13], “exam pressure in Hong Kong has lessened slightly in the past decade”.

The basic reference formats are shown in the following examples.

Polyu library thesis dissertations

In personal communication on Jun. The Basic Law Art 27 [27] affirms that Referencing also helps you to fromat plagiarism. List by initials and last names; commas after author’s names, while the last author’s name is preceded again by “and”.

polyu thesis format

Lam [2] argues that Hong Kong needs to further assimilate into the Pearl River Delta economy fformat its long term growth is to be assured. Essay free idea choice number.

polyu thesis format

Gates [31] suggests that Include the page or paragraph number in the complete reference list. Fisher Unwin, p. Number of reference in square brackets Example: Pergamon Press Essay man in the family synonym.

URL [Accessed date ]. Do not divide into separate lists.

polyu thesis format

Smith” Re-evaluating the effects of polyyu games on young people ,” J. When no year of publication is given, in the reference list use the abbreviation “n. In the reference list what should I do when there is more than one author?


Warner Brothers President Obama [32] announced that A source with no date might not be reliable. If you are unsure how to reference a website because there is no author or date information, follow the guidelines provided below for referencing sources without authors or dates. Wentzel” Flamingos standing and feeding in a pool near salt bedsNetherlands Antilles ,” The Coca-Cola Company [14] announced Number of authors Integral citation One author Chan [1] argues The Equal Opportunities Commission [13] has reported that Images from websites See Frequently asked questions 11 for details.