• June 25, 2019

An example might be a shoe that has its own wireless acquired IP address and keeps track of how many steps one takes each day. Mid-Chapter Checkpoint through 10 6. Students will identify potential cybersecurity concerns in systems built on the Internet. Artifact Development Session 8: View in Fullscreen Report. Direct students to Akinator. Students will understand both sides of the argument about government surveillance of electronic communications.

Understand how these forms of bit representation are used in modern technology. Students are to prepare a second response to these three questions about their row of the rubric. Students extend previous understandings about how fractions are builtfrom unit fractions, composing fractions from unit fractions, decomposing fractions into unit fractions, and using the meaning of fractions and the meaning ofmultiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number. You will need to practice this presentation ahead of time, especially if you are not familiar with the “pecha kucha” format! Ask students to think about and document how their selected device may have an impact on our daily lives. Chapter 4 Multiplication Facts and Strategies. If there are videos, assign the remainder to be watched as homework and have students bring in notes on the key points learned from each video.

Allow for discussion among the class about possible solutions to the problem presented.

How Does Technology Impact Your Life?

If there is time, join each student pair with another pair for a second round of sharing and discussion. Model Putting Together word problems within 20; fluently add and Chapter 2 Subtraction 1. Note to the teacher: It lesdon important to emphasize that the workload must be shared and each individual must make a contribution to the project within each group. How problm you use measurements to describe two-dimensional figures?


In your teams, create a definition of digital. Tape or post the strips to their relative measure paper.

Extra Practice: Grade 4

Extra time will be needed. Week 26 to 29 Chapter 10 Two- Ask if anybody believes that this is possible. This activity uses the results from the Day 1 homework. This play is improvisational with Hosts requesting whichever pages they want. Once the simulation is functioning, students will address both increased efficiency due to DNS caching, and cybersecurity concerns associated with DNS.

In what ways have the Internet and the Web changed health care, access to information, entertainment, and online learning? Consider some complications that might arise in the simple algorithms that have been developed by students if there were multiple CPUs.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Count and Model 3 and 4—pp. Discuss how computation facilitates the creation and modification of computational artifacts with enhanced detail and precision.

Unit 5: Measurement and Graphing

Pair, share and discuss. These may help students learn their roles. In the IDE, write a program that will prompt a user to enter a value for a food item.

What possible problems are there with the fact that student data including your courses, grades, attendance, home address, and birthdate is stored in a database that is easily accessible to teacher, administrators, and other staff from any computer connected to the Internet? Students should split into their groups and begin work.

The key is the secret piece of information that is needed to know exactly how proble apply the algorithm in this case. Students are expected to complete the EPT with minimal assistance from anyone.


problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Some of the setup should have been done in the previous lesson. Invite students to share their journal entries. Bring in evidence that it works or write a few sentences about the issues you are having in trying to install it or write about your experience using an online IDE, or write out the code for Hello World without looking at any notes and report on how easy or hard it was to remember the details.

To conclude the unit, students will complete a small project as well as a written assessment.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Have the students write a summary of the interview that includes the following information: How do computer programs implement algorithms?

Kinesthetic – Hexadecimal Drum Machine – h ttp: Formative Assessment Teachers are encouraged to have students present single slides and give each other feedback before continuing to do the research for the complete presentations.

Model Taking Apart within using models or drawings 1. Point out that visual data is the most popular and largest growing area of Internet data for people. Students will describe various tools that enable online collaboration.