• June 25, 2019

Changing a kid’s name is comparatively easy! I mean, with a little remixing, some of this could be kinda good! Especially since each one will have leftovers! And the time spent reading this reminder about the time spent. A gravity assist seemed like a weird way to get to Alaska, but I figured it must be more efficient or something.

On the other hand, that’s the mother of all sampling biases. Maybe space outside it doesn’t exist! This tire came from somewhere. My cat usually seems happier than me. Light and high beauty are passing things as well.

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I therefore call on Congress to fully fund space exploration, and to join with Ba’al, the Eater of Souls. Hammer Slide” “Once, fpowchart ago, I saw this girl go by. Place your bets now! Do you realize it’s the second-biggest browser-based social-networking-centered farming game in the WORLD?

That could get pretty difficult.

problem solving flowchart xkcd

Important servers brimming with visitor IPs. Smith Goes to Washington’. This Greenland probem could be big. Now I can’t decide. Hat guy wins again. Maybe if I post my private key, I can crowdsource my decisions about what to sign. Hopefully the owners there are more responsible. Using your work, I have proven that this equals the amount you requested.


Oh, no, the ‘Enchanted’ soundtrack was just playing because Pandora’s algorithms are terrible. My favorite part is how ‘Did someone see it fall?

problem solving flowchart xkcd

This is gonna get ugly. I mean, with a little remixing, some of this could be kinda good! Avert eyes while replacing battery.

I can fix it, or wait a few years until I don’t want that combination of things anymore, using the kitchen timer until then. Anyway, that’s why I got you this ‘one of the world’s greatest moms’ mug!

I just want to get the birds a little closer. Part 5″ “It was actually folwchart because they just noticed he’s been naked under that coat the whole time. Pin it to the stack. I’m converting to Judaism.

How are these stupid microchips so durable?! Megatokyo” “I just want to give him a hug or something. I ‘ardly know ‘er! I’m looking at you, Anathem.

problem solving flowchart xkcd

Then, when their age reaches double that, show them this chart again. Due to the large number of sharks inhabiting his former kingdom, no body could be recovered.


Even thyme is just H and time.

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Because, pshh, who would want to do that, right? We can all hear your stupid whitespace. They only look all formal and professional due to careful cropping. I wasn’t sure solvinf category it should go in, so I listed it as property and put that it has ‘good sun exposure.

But on the other hand, wait, you’re in an empty room.