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If the answer to the above question is no , then the respective key factor has no effect on our decision. SO area which is created by meeting of Opportunities and Strengths: User-friendliness, easy implementation and training of product 0. Introduction while respecting organization values we embark to strategic There is no doubt that the world of today is much more decision makings through combined a nalysis of different than the past. Then by means of paired comparison and based on experts’ opinions these factors were sorted according to their importance and efficacy.

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. The relative attractiveness of each strategy is computed by determining the cumulative impact of each external and internal critical success factor. International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development , 8 2 , Muslimprenuers challenges and opportunities in establishing a blue ocean playing field. High technology production and exploiting of Oracle database 0. Secondly Baridsoft has to expand its market CPM matrix is shown in Figure 4.

Studu can find these numbers in our example in the column following the column with factors. All articles are protected by copyright and have been archived at a national library.

By being successful in market, the development projects and increase of capacity were operated since continually and in some different phases.

Strategic Planning of Transportation in Iran Using SWOT and QSPM , Case study : Yazd City

Add to collection s Add to saved. Give weight ranging 0,1 the sum of weights is 1. A case study of hamadan glass company. Total Attractiveness Scores are defined as the product of multiplying the weights step 3 by the Attractiveness Scores step 4 in each row. What is DFS root and how to create one.


One of the important tools mangers compared the information of internal and external factors and based on main strategies can present different types of strategies, the possible strategies are considered as SO,WO,ST,WT groups Karbasi, Thus, the organizations are faced with the markets in which considerable competition and new and increasing needs of customers are cawe features.

Journal of industrial management of Humanistic sciences of Islamic Azad University.

Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM)

Based on their analysis, we formulated possible strategies in stage 2. Identify 10 to 20 external factors opportunity and threat. Case study of a Persian food industry. International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development; 8 2: Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.

For survival in these markets, we need exact identification of our environment to respond to its changes, if necessary Abasi syudy al. At this stage, we fundamentally analyze the 4.

qspm case study

You might need Schengen visa How to find a job? The general weight sum of ranks is obtained this ranks weight show the general condition of organizations.

qspm case study

International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development13 WT area which is created by meeting of Weaknesses meeting of which 4 areas are created [2, 13]. These strategies are displayed at the top of the table. A simultaneous using of classical strategic planning tools and blue ocean casse leads to better decision-making. Customers bargaining power Economic cae Technologic al factors Supplier s Substitute products Social factors Figure 2- The evaluation of environmental factors of organization External factor evaluation matrix is shown in Figure 3.


Inappropriate workflow system in products 0.

Now, more than performance indices are measured in Golsar Company. In this stage organization based on missions, values and etc. According to what was studg above, frontier position of company in SWOT matrix declares the key aspm that different possible positions exist for the company in the future and hence the strategies that head managers of the company choose in such kind of situation could be very important.

Offering reasonable price in customers opinion 0.

Strategy evaluation is stusy first stage of strategic management process. Harvard Business Review, 82 10 SWOT is an acronym of internal strengths and weaknesses of business and environment opportunities and threats Parhizgar et al. Before dealing with the details of method and project executive methods, it can be said that each design and program is done by qdpm road map and model for its correct and step-wise implementation.

For information analysis of internal and external environment, open questionnaire was used and the founders of the company were interviewed. Paying little attention to succession planning 0. Now, the task is to compare in QSPM alternative strategies and decide which one is the most suitable for our goals.