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It is University policy that students with disabilities who require accommodations for access and participation in this course must be registered with the Office of Disability Services. Let me give you an example. Upload document Create flashcards. Any forum messages of this period have been lost. Choose your review exam number from the drop-down menu on the left.

In fact the difference between the two will become obvious when we do derivatives. The University has instituted serious penalties for academic dishonesty. Each unit comes with examples to read or examples to solve. There will be several types of homework. You will use the third copy to write the solutions from the board.

Try not to attach problems that have the same idea. Some of the assigned problems will be on material you have read, but not yet covered in class. Solutions to the written homework will be posted online along with grading rubrics for the problems. If you are one of those students, please send me an email to confirm.

Math Calculus I

The quantity in the middle should not be in absolute values and this is an important part of the argument. You have to try to keep the “Review” section of your binder clean, clear and irrendudant. I will assign both readings and homework each week, to be posted on this web page.

Use of a graphing calculator will be an integral part of the course. Solve them homwork times, without looking at the solution. Reading material ahead of time: Academic Integrity Policy As an academic community, UIC is committed to providing an environment in which research, learning, and scholarship can flourish and in which all endeavors are guided uoc academic and professional integrity.


Optimization over a closed interval. Continuity and the homfwork value theorem.

MATH Calculus I

This is the place to ask any questions of homeworrk interest on class procedures or any questions relating to the material or the homework. Copying work to be submitted for grade, or allowing your work to be submitted for grade to be copied, is considered academic dishonesty.

uic calc 180 homework

Choose your quick problem score from the drop-down menu on the right. Submit your in-class review exam scores Check your Progress Grid Read or update your journal Study or update your list of errors Study or update your list of background issues. Please read it carefully: The definition of limit. Students are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the University’s policy on academic integrity.

The goal of these written problems is to help you learn how to write mathematics as you will need to do on the midterms and final exam. Study for your exams by using your Review list and your list of errors.

General Information

Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. One might include here errors that are also mentioned by the instructors.

With all exams, make-ups will not be given except under extreme circumstances. Differentiation of the inverse function. We have designed our course with the aim of helping you stay constantly involved with the course and the material, and within easy reach of some of your best resources: Upload document Create flashcards.


Students that have not met the prerequisite will not be allowed to take the course. From here you can have access to the following tasks: A grade of S means you have substantive knowledge of the prerequisite material, but the student is still be encouraged to look back at any material that was not completely correct on the exam.

The final exam will take place on Thursday, May 7 from pm and will cover the material from the whole semester. All I am suggesting is that you keep a journal where you record your progress, the challenges that you face and you also set some study and review goals.

As Michael noticed, the departmental homework is also available on the departmental website.

uic calc 180 homework

In homdwork, the instructor and TA will be available during their office hours. Homework will be due on the specified date listed on the homework itself at the beginning of your discussion class. The results of the diagnostic exam will not affect or in any way be counted towards your final grade for the course, nor do they affect your ability to be enrolled in the course.


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Continuity and the Intermediate Value Theorem. Instead, do the same example multiple times and understand all facets of it very well. Now that we learned about limit properties and how to solve polynomials algebraically, will we be able to use this on solving for instantaneous change? Click here for a brief history of calculus, and below to learn more about some of our calculus heroes: It will cover the material from Sections 3.

Given on every lecture. You should pay a lot of attention to the comments made by your TA on each graded homework since the midterms and the final exam will be graded in a very similar way. As explained in the course description, your active involvement in learning is essential in order to successfully complete the course! All these options are subject to availability, so you have to act quickly. No late homework will be accepted.

Optional but strongly encouraged! A 10 should be given only if you understand the example so thoroughly that you can explain it to somebody else. It will cover the material from Sections 3.

MATH Calculus I

Cald derivative hojework the exponential function. This means that each student will be taking a quiz and will be subsequently grading the quiz of a classmate.

Thursday, December 14, 1: Your classmates cannot read your entries and you should not be using these entries in order to ask questions about the course.


Some subset of the written homework problems will be chosen from each homework assignment and will be graded by the TAs. Please read it carefully. Optimization over a closed interval.

MATH 180: Calculus I

Let me give you an example. Do them enough times so that your understanding score reaches Sometimes the instructor may be browsing through the different journals and in some extreme cases cwlc instructor may be contacting the student with suggestions.

uic calc 180 homework

There will be a second homework posted on my webisite along with every lecture. The prominence and importance of such study reaches far beyond the pure mathematical endeavor into numerous applications, among others in engineering, natural sciences, and economics. Your submissions of the last 10 days on the progress grid, your quick problem submissions for the same period have been lost.

Work single-sided, that is, write on only one cqlc of each sheet of paper.

Detroit Red Wings coaches. The derivative as a function.

uic calc 180 homework

homeworrk For complaints, use another form. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to calculus through the study of problems, examples, and applications, the discussion of theoretical ideas, and the use of the calculator.

Average rate of change – instantaneous rate of change 0.

uic calc 180 homework

Copying work to be submitted for grade, or allowing your work to be submitted for grade to be copied, is considered academic dishonesty.


Freedom from discrimination is a foundation for all decision making at UIC. We had the exact yomework challenge for that problem: Grade of C or better in Math or appropriate performance on the department placement test.

Office Hours in SEO Add to collection s Add to saved. It is only natural that each student has forgotten some facts that had been encountered in earlier courses or in high school. Students are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the University’s policy on academic integrity. Except in the case of emergency, students must discuss absences from hour exams with me in advance of the exam. It is valc this point that one can apply the squeeze theorem.

Math Calculus I

This is how many we are going to take during the semester. You can valc record the different challenges that you encounter and how you plan to overcome them. Now that we learned about limit properties and how to solve polynomials algebraically, will we be able to use this on solving for instantaneous change? The tangent is horizontal when the derivative is zero.